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Why Can’t Big Data Do Without Cloud Computing?

When we talk about Big Data, we refer to a combination of more or less structured data collected by a company from which information can be extracted to be used in Machine Learning projects, predictive analysis, and other advanced analytics applications. Big Data can come from many sources, such as commercial transactions systems, customer databases, medical records, mobile applications, social networks, scientific research repositories, data generated by real-time machines, and sensors used on the Internet Of Environments ( IoT), and much more.

Data can be left in its raw form in Big Data systems or pre-processed using data mining tools or dedicated software. Businesses use the Big Data accumulated in their systems to improve operations, provide better customer service, create customized marketing campaigns based on specific customer preferences, and, in general, increase profitability. A company that uses big data has a potential competitive advantage over its competitors, as they can make business decisions faster and more wisely, provided, of course, that the data is used effectively.

What Is The Difference Between Big Data And Cloud Computing?

By and by, Big Data can give organizations important data about their clients – data that can be utilized to refine showcasing efforts to build client commitment and change rates. Enormous Data permits organizations to turn out to be progressively client-driven by utilizing accurate and ongoing information to assess the advancement of buyer inclinations permitting, subsequently, to refresh and further develop their promoting techniques and become more delicate to client needs. 

To examine this enormous measure of information, it is fundamental to depend on Cloud Computing. Rather than putting away records on a restrictive hard drive or neighborhood stockpiling gadget, filing using Cloud Computing permits you to save them to a data set or far-off media. Up to an electronic gadget approaches the web, it approaches information and projects—programming to run it. 

Simultaneously, clients can store records and applications on distant servers and access all information through the Internet, paying little mind to where the client is truly found. Consequently, while Big Data alludes to the measure of information, with Cloud Computing, we mean how this information is put away and handled. Cloud Computing offers services to users on a pay-as-you-go model, and vendors offer three main services:

Infrastructure As A Service (IAAS)

Here the service provider offers the entire infrastructure as well as the associated maintenance activities.

Platform As A Service (PAAS)

The Cloud provider offers resources such as storage, runtime, queuing, database, etc. However, the responsibility for configuration and implementation activities rests with the company that purchased the service.

Software As A Service (SAAS)

This service is the easiest because it provides all the settings and infrastructure necessary for users’ needs.

How Can Cloud Computing Support Big Data Analytics?

Huge Data and Cloud Computing are two innovations that are combining, bringing huge advantages for organizations. With Cloud Computing, it is feasible to set up in an exceptionally short time frame a framework with every one of the assets vital for the organization that ensures congruity of administrations without interferences. 

The Cloud-based framework is adaptable and versatile and can powerfully extend to give stockpiling to always developing information as the business needs. Moreover, with Cloud Computing, the obligation moves to cloud suppliers, and the organization needs to pay for extra room and energy utilization. The relationships between Big Data and Cloud Computing can be classified according to the types of service:

IAAS In The Public Cloud

IaaS is a cost-effective solution, and by using this cloud service, Big Data services allow people to access unlimited storage and computing power. It is a very cost-effective solution for companies because the cloud service provider bears all the costs of managing the underlying hardware.

PAAS In Private Cloud

PaaS providers incorporate Big Data technologies into their services, therefore, eliminating the need to manage the complexities of managing individual software and hardware elements, which is a real concern when dealing with terabyte-sized amounts of data.

SAAS In Hybrid Cloud

The Hybrid Cloud is an excellent solution for conducting social media analytics, which is an essential parameter for companies today.

Three Advantages Of Cloud Computing For Big Data

By combining Big Data and Cloud Computing technologies, three fundamental advantages are obtained:


The data processing speed in a Big Data / Cloud Computing system is extremely high and allows the company to process data in real-time. The timeliness of processing allows the company to be highly responsive to the needs of its customers because it can make decisions much faster and more accurately than the traditional model.


The Pay-per-user model of Cloud technology transforms capital expenditure (Capex – Capital Expenditure, the cost to develop or supply durable assets for the system) into operational expenditure (OPEX – Operating Expense, the cost necessary to manage the system). This means avoiding infrastructure investments now paid by the service provider and only paying for what the company uses.

Security And Privacy

Information security and protection are two fundamental worries to remember when dealing with corporate information, particularly when the application is facilitated on a cloud stage. Cloud information is put away and handled in a focal area to guarantee the greatest security, usually known as a Cloud stockpiling server. 

Typically the specialist co-op and the client consent to a help level arrangement (SLA) which ensures full shared trust. Assume your organization manages a lot of information, and you need to take it to another degree of advancement. We welcome you to download and choose the digital book devoted to the theme: “Advancing and developing the organization because of Big Data.”

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