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The Characteristics And Factors Of A Good Website

What are the functions to consider when developing a website? A website must first be a presentation showcase for a company or a product. It must have some specific characteristics that allow users good visibility and good achievement.

What Are The Functions To Consider When Developing A Website?

Graphics And Structure

A good website must have a well-designed structure based on the path that users will take to search for information about the company and must be updated with the right texts in all its parts. The graphics must be consistent with the company’s message about itself because the web will be the first place where potential customers will land to get to know the brand. In this regard, the site’s design must follow the communication line chosen by the brand to ensure a good reputation online. A constantly updated website must also include a management panel that guarantees flexibility and versatility to each of its parts.

Mobile And Newsletter

Visiting websites from mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets has become a common practice. A well-made website must have some accessibility and usability features helpful in viewing a small screen. Another function not to be neglected is the newsletter: to build customer loyalty to the proposed company or product. The site must contain the possibility of subscribing to periodic communications via email directed to the user.

Social Networks And Search Engines

An effective website must be found quickly and uniquely by the potential customer, and the first factor to consider is Google’s indexing. Search engines, through an algorithm, present websites to the user. Considering that about  3 billion users worldwide search the internet every day, the site must be indexed correctly to appear among the first results on the page. Google. Even social networks are becoming increasingly important in the digital age, and in this regard, a good website should contain the sharing buttons of every major social network. The most important are Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

Monitor Users

A good website must have an internal system available to monitor users’ movements between its web pages, to check how many people have viewed the company or products, which pages are most clicked, preferences, and shares. A monitoring system combined with newsletters ensures more excellent conversion of users into customers.

These are the main features that allow the site to be found by users through search engines so that it is accessible in all its parts and gives correct information to potential customers. Furthermore, through some connected tools such as social networks and the newsletter, you can achieve a high interaction rate with your customers, which is essential for loyalty and developing a good reputation on the web.

Essential Factors For A Website

The web is full of websites, and new companies often struggle to find a free domain to buy, as Google’s indexing becomes more and more complex. But in this perspective, it must be considered that new changes correspond to new solutions. To obtain excellent visibility to your company website, you need to have a clear idea of ​​the structure with which each part will be declined, building it keeping in mind some essential factors :

  1. Clear and simple structure: the eye-catching graphics alone are useless if the path that the user follows once he reaches the site does not have precise logic. In order not to risk getting lost in the various pages of the site, they must be addressed by the hierarchy that connects the multiple topics.
  2. The most critical keys must be visible and accessible, and confusion in the visitor’s mind must be avoided as much as possible.
  3. Transparent information: a website, first of all, is a presentation showcase for network users who do not know the company. Curating the “About Us” page is essential because here, the first impression is formed in the minds of potential customers, and it must be positive. We need a text that attracts attention and knows how to focus on the essential elements of the company, such as values. Likewise, the “Contact Us” section cannot be missing and must be easily traceable at first glance by those who visit the site.
  4. Mobile: Obviously, a good website can be accessed without problems, even from a smartphone or tablet, and the loading must be fast because it has been proven that a user who believes he has to wait too long for a page to open will close it automatically, and in this way, the company lost a customer.
  5. Interactivity: an effective website must contain content that can be shared on social networks. For this reason, you can decide to schedule a constant publication of articles in an internal blog or update users on the latest news on a specific page. It is essential to insert the sharing buttons of the leading social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin whenever necessary because users bring significant added value to the company by sharing it with their friends on social networks.
  6. The newsletter can be another valuable element to retain the readers of the site’s textual content. Also, for this, you need a special button to subscribe via email.
  7. Textual content: in addition to maintaining a constant update of exciting content on the company website, indexing on search engines must be taken into account, often using appropriate keywords that are not too generic but at the same time can be easily indexed. Even dividing the text into paragraphs with subtitles is an excellent way to facilitate the website’s usability.
  8. Visual content: images attract attention more than texts, and the birth of social networks such as Instagram or Pinterest is proof of this. In addition to having captivating and coordinated graphics between the various site pages, it is helpful to insert images relating to each topic we are talking about in every single article or page. To always have new visual content, you can turn to photographers, graphic designers, or websites that offer copyright-free photographs.

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