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SME Digitization: “Offline Only” No Longer Works

The pandemic has made it clear how important a “digital identity” is for small companies to be present online and work remotely in the home office. But has the crisis turned out to be a “digitization accelerator”? An expert in e-business and online marketing gives an overview of the degree of digitization of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and offers helpful tips on how these companies can start in the online world.

“Offline Only” No Longer Works

The pandemic has clearly shown us the advantages of being online, both in our private and professional lives. Reason enough for companies not to ignore this development. Future customers grow up with their smartphones in their pockets. Google, Instagram & Co. are a matter of course for them. 

Consumers, who are becoming increasingly digital, expect the same from companies, shops and service providers. Those who continue to rely on the “offline only” model and are not present on the Internet at all will not reach this new class of consumers. Of course, not every company needs the same degree of digitization, but without a “digital identity,” it will no longer work in the future.

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Companies Rate The Measures Taken Positively

Although more and more small businesses realize that they have to drive digitization forward to remain future-proof, many still find it challenging to implement it. In addition to a lack of know-how, it often fails due to the time factor or a combination of both. In everyday business, digitization projects are therefore repeatedly postponed. Still, small businesses should take the time to do it – it’s worth it. 

Sixty-one per cent of those surveyed stated that they had received positive feedback for their digitization activities or that they were better positioned for future crises as a result. Forty-two per cent were even able to win new customers—reason enough not to put digitization on the back burner.

With Small Steps To Success

The key to success is to start small and then gradually expand your digital identity. Exchange with friends and acquaintances can help to gain experience and ideas. Those who are not familiar should choose simple technical solutions that do not require extensive IT know-how. First of all, it is essential that the company is visible and can be found online. Entries in relevant online directories are suitable for this, making it easier for the company to find in search engines. 

Hosting service providers offer services for this in which the entry is automatically synchronized on all essential platforms. This makes it easier to maintain the content. In the next step, for example, a website with a suitable Internet address can be created. Intuitive to use website construction kits or services, where experts initially take over the tailor-made website creation, facilitate entry into the online world.


Understandably, the (further) digitization of the company is not the focus when urgent projects are pending, or the business and financial situation is unclear. But that is too short-sighted. The pandemic has made it more transparent how essential it is to take care of your company’s online presence now to survive in the long term. Companies that have already done this or are tackling it now will have a decisive advantage afterwards.

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