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Gynoid Robot: What It Is, And What A Fembot Can Do

Two synonymous terms refer to creating a female version of the android. Here are the most famous gynoid robots made so far and which are the female androids imagined by science fiction. Gynoid and fembot are synonymous terms that refer to creating a female version of the android. There is no equivalent to the masculine, as the more generic term “android” embraces, in general, the category of robots with human features without distinction of sex.

What Is A Gynoid Robot Or Fembot?

The gynoid is recognized as having perfectly identical content to the android, as regards the potential “cognitive” and “physical” abilities, i.e. the possible skills and functions, and also as considered the “know-how”, but is valued in the physical aspect, with the representation of a female face and body, endowed with features and movements that enhance the gender stereotype, focusing the accent, and in part recovering, or vice versa falling back, into the role of women in the social sphere.

It is no coincidence that the prototypes created have been used mainly in sectors where women are now recognized as having a stratified role in the social creed. Among the many, think of the robot Sophia, recognized as a “social android”, favoring the communicative aspect. Rarely is the gynoid associated with or introduced in sectors where Stem skills are required, for example. In general, a patriarchal cultural model persists, which inevitably places women in a condition of inequality for men, excluding them from decision-making processes and managerial positions, still differentiating them in terms of role. 

And all this also affects the imagination of the future. Therefore, the starting point of this type of android is perfectly calibrated on the female figure, not only for the features but also for the input fields. Inevitably, however, the appearance has had and still has a decisive role in probing the areas of a possible introduction of the android and in identifying the most sensitive sectors. The potential charm of which a gynoid can be charged, for example, especially if we consider that it is made according to the best studies on the canons of female beauty, cannot go unnoticed.

Therefore, this quid plus is not to be understood as a simple quirk of a representation: it is much more. It creates a perfect mix mediating between the android, seen as a cold and asexual robot-human and the creation of a figure. It comes much closer to the human world, not only as an imitation but for the relational part. And this is thanks to a series of other sensations that the gynoid can activate in the human being and are closely related to the perception of femininity. All this leads us to scrutinize and analyze a new world and function of the human-robot, and above all, through the solicitation of other sensory experiences.

Gynoid Robots In Video Games

For video games, on the other hand, KOS-MOS, a gynoid of the  Xenosaga video game series, deserves attention. It is a character developed by Vector Industries, a company specializing in constructing and designing weapons, spaceships, medicines and other hi-tech objects. It is composed entirely of mechanical parts, many of which are black boxes, since its use is unknown (not even Shion knows its full potential). KOS-MOS, being an android, “reasons” by probability and logic, despite being equipped with an operating system that simulates human behavior.

What Can A Gynoid Robot Do?

A gynoid robot may possess the same capabilities as an android. Therefore, discussing “what a robot with female features can do” means, first of all, focusing on “to what extent” and “how” the features (which are the only differential element from the android) can increase the potential of a robot. This discourse engages with many other dynamics, stereotypes, and fantasies that can make a difference. It seems that, however, based on the choices of use, there is the attribution to the female features of a greater communicative capacity, as if to overcome the veil of the coldness of the android’s appearance, typical of the absence of feelings, to leave the interlocutor the illusion of a greater “sensitivity”, i.e. the illusion of having in front of a quasi-human being.

The field of communication and interrelationships, as well as awareness of social aspects, are indeed those with the most effective application of the gynoid. Alongside this, however, there is a sector in which there is a profound success of the gynoid: the industry of sex and the so-called. “sex dolls” ( sex robots ). It is easy and inevitable to shift the discussion to the exaltation of female features by finding sought-after employment in the trade for sexual purposes. Paradoxically, the female android has insinuated itself with excellent results into the most intimate sphere of human relationships, fueling the pleasure market and finding an entirely new channel to discover and study.

Undoubtedly the vision of a twisted female body, created by enhancing the potential canons of beauty, creating a fascinating prototype resulting from the study of perfection, induces us to perceive the gynoid differently from the generic android, further thinning that fleeting boundary between the cold car and the emotions of the man. And it is on these assumptions that the study and deepening of the “sensory” and “sensual” side of the android is based on a theme that, in just a few years, has had significant development and results beyond expectations.

Famous Female Humanoid Robots

Robotics goes hand in hand with science fiction, and cinematographic films are inevitably the first test bench in the exaltation of female robots, telling stories of the future and projecting the public into an idyllic vision between the possible and the impossible of this fantastic world. Hence a non-exhaustive list of some female androids who have inspired stories in the cinema, for their originality, for their adventures or just for the charm they emanate.

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