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Some Instagram Tools To Better Manage Your Profile

In many countries, Instagram is the second most popular social network; where it is not double, it is third. It has about 15 million users and is not only a tool for “young people.” That’s why I propose it as an essential communication tool when dealing with B2C companies (business to consumer, i.e., those companies that produce goods or services for people, not for other companies).

Since you have to use it for marketing, there must be an adequate strategy and, consequently, quality content, prepared and edited calmly and planned: you can no longer rely only on your smartphone, but essential tools are needed to do good “Instagram marketing.” Let’s see some programs or applications that can help you with the Instagram profile of your business. Some are free, others for a fee, but it’s for work, so it’s worth investing a few euros in getting good results.

Some Interesting Instagram Tools

Many tools for Instagram can be grouped into four large macro categories:

  1. content creation tools
  2. photo editing tools
  3. mechanisms for scheduling and publishing photos
  4. statistical analysis tools

Instagram Tools For Content Creation


It is an online graphics tool: straightforward to use and full of images and graphic elements (free or paid) for many uses, including Instagram. The options and features are many (also beneficial to work in a team with several people). Also helpful in reposting other users’ photos and waiting for the appropriate Instagram function.


It’s an app owned by Facebook for making 10-second mini-videos that show looping or “roll-and-rewind” movements.


It’s another Facebook app developed especially for Instagram: it allows you to make collages of multiple photos. Now they have gone a little out of use with the introduction of albums, but sometimes it can come in handy, and the rectangular format allows more freedom of maneuver.

Photo Editing Tools

New photo editing tools are born (and die) every day. Above all, in the beginning, Instagram only allowed the application of a filter: now that it has also added the possibility of balancing brightness, contrast, straightening a photo, or slightly changing its perspective, the need for third-party apps is less felt. But some are very valid. Let’s see them.

Snap Seed

It’s a Google app, and perhaps at the moment, it’s the most powerful: in addition to the usual functions, Snapseed allows you to correct an error in the photo, enlarge it by replicating the main plot, correct the perspective and even slightly change the pose of a portrait.

A Color Story

As the name implies, the strong point of this app is the vast possibility of “playing” with colors. Furthermore, unlike Instagram, it also allows you to save the balance of the various adjustments and, therefore, to apply your favorite editing quickly to all the photos to create a coherent and immediately recognizable profile.

Tools For Scheduling And Publishing Photos

Only recently has Instagram officially allowed you to plan and publish photos automatically. And only to some tools in their business version: Hootsuite and Planoly. I recommend another…


It has been allowing the programming of photos from a computer for a long time, increasing the services: rectangular images, albums, georeferencing, tags of other accounts within the picture, the possibility of programming even the first comment and stories are also being developed in short, complete. It is paid, ensuring that the real business is the service offered, not the accounts it manages. 


It is one of the complete Instagram tools: born as a “simple” tool for viewing the Instagram feed and statistics. It has managed to become an Instagram partner. Today it also offers the possibility of scheduling photos from a computer. He, too, is paid.

Instagram Tools For Analyzing Statistics

We talked about content creation, photo editing, and planning. However, those who use Instagram for work must also take a few minutes to check how followers or people react to what we post.


It is a social media management tool made in Puglia. It offers tons of features. As far as Instagram is concerned, it provides the possibility of sharing a photo even if not directly; for example, Onlypult does and, above all, some exciting statistics to understand the goodness of our strategy. 

Instagram Insights

Instagram’s native statistics offer a lot of data (but only for business accounts): the demographic analysis of followers is fascinating. Too bad they’re only available from the app.


Another interesting tool for analyzing our profile. Free, it also offers statistics for personal accounts. 


Many Instagram tools allow you to have an orderly, quality profile consistent with our strategy (that is essential!).

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