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YouTube: The Extensive Video Portal

YouTube is a free video portal for watching and uploading videos. In addition to professional music videos and reports, amateur videos and instructions for handicrafts, crafts, and cooking can also be found on the platform. With a YouTube account, users can also upload their videos, subscribe to other channels, and rate and comment on videos. Useful tips and tricks help you navigate the extensive video platform.

YouTube: Keep Track

A huge selection of different videos can be found on YouTube. In addition to the currently popular videos, suggestions based on the clips already viewed by the user are also displayed on the start screen. This digital search technology is called an algorithm. The so-called algorithm is also crucial for searching for videos. At the top, the user will find the search bar to enter a keyword, topic or channel name. The video portal then searches for all relevant results and lists them one after the other – similar to a search engine on the Internet.

Filter Search Results On YouTube

For a better overview, you can restrict the search result under “Filter”:

  1. To do this, go to the ” Filter ” symbol below the search bar.
  2. Now select your specifications for “Upload date”, “Video type”, “Duration”, “Properties”, and “Sort by”.
  3. Confirm your selection criteria.
  4. Finally, click on a suggested video.

In this way, you can find a direct channel faster or only display videos rated particularly well. This saves you time searching, and you don’t have to click through the videos. You can visit the so-called YouTube profile if you want to view more videos from a YouTube channel. You will find public videos on this channel called the channel. There is also more information about the operator of the YouTube channel and compiled playlists of similar videos to discover.

What Can I Do On YouTube?

On YouTube, users can watch videos and upload them themselves. There are all kinds of videos on the video platform, for example:

  1. music videos
  2. movie trailer
  3. Film and TV clips
  4. Homemade Films
  5. DIY (do it yourself) instructions
  6. cooking videos

In addition to videos made by YouTube users, complete films or film trailers and documentaries are also offered. Thus, informative videos and reports can be found on YouTube, as well as entertaining and funny videos.

The YouTube Account: Everything Is Fine

Every user can create a free account on YouTube, which is associated with various advantages. This requires a Google account with a corresponding Google email address. With a YouTube account, users cannot only upload videos themselves but also comment on other videos or rate them with a thumbs up or down. Other options with an account are:

  1. Subscribe to channels to never miss newly uploaded videos
  2. favorite videos
  3. Create playlists

Save Videos For Later

With a YouTube account, organizing many videos and sorting your favorites into different lists is easier. This makes it possible to listen to your favorite music more quickly or find the right recipe video immediately. You can easily place videos in a playlist or add them to the Watch Later list:

  1. To do this, move the mouse pointer over the display image of the video
  2. Now the options “Watch later” or “Add to playlist” appear at the top right
  3. Click on one of the two buttons, and the video will be moved to the respective list

Go to the clip if you want to add a video to an existing favorites list. Various buttons will now appear below the video. By clicking “Save”, you can move the video to a current list or create a new playlist. You can rate the video positively or negatively with a click on one of the two thumbs. YouTube videos can also be shared with friends on social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or other websites, such as blogs.

For On-The-Go: The YouTube App

Since YouTube is a subsidiary of Google, the Android operating system is the leading one for mobile use. Setting up an Android smartphone requires a Google+ account, with which the user can also automatically login to other services such as G-Mail, Google Maps or YouTube. This saves Android users from registering and downloading the app from the Google Play Store since the app is pre-installed on their cell phones by default. iOS users download the YouTube app from the app store and can either log in with their Google account or use it without registering.

YouTube also offers a version specifically for children. The YouTube Kids app provides a selection of harmless and particularly child-friendly videos from the entire range of YouTube. The app’s operation is also designed for children so that even the little ones can use the app without any problems. You cannot upload your videos to YouTube Kids. The legal guardians can turn the search function off beforehand so the app only shows the children certain videos. However, the YouTube Kids app also contains advertising.

YouTube Premium: Ad-Free Video Playback

In general, YouTube can be used free of charge. Since 2018, the company has also offered a premium version. With this subscription, users can watch YouTube videos offline without ads and on Android and iOS devices for a monthly fee. For this purpose, the videos must only be uploaded beforehand with an active Internet connection in the WLAN to be downloaded. The premium version also includes a Google Play music subscription and a selection of exclusive films and series that users can stream on demand at any time.

YouTube: Entertainment On The Video Platform

YouTube is a free video platform where every user can watch and upload videos. The variety of videos ranges from simple handicraft instructions to professional reports. Over the years, the platform has evolved so much that the content has become increasingly sophisticated. Many active YouTubers earn money monetarily by uploading videos and creating media content.

The user can search for explicit videos on YouTube and is shown suitable content by the algorithm, which thematically matches the previous search history. The various videos can be easily sorted using their playlists. It is interesting that YouTube, as a subsidiary of Google, offers additional services: such as an extra app for children and a premium version with which videos can be called up without advertising.

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