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Windows 11: These Functions Are No Longer Available

Windows 11 will be released later this year. But this also means that a few old functions are lost or sidelined. We reveal what you have to do without. In a well-received presentation, Microsoft announced Windows 11 for the year 2021 – and thus abandoned its plan to continuously develop Windows 10. The switch to the next Windows is correspondingly more extensive. On the one hand, there are significant innovations. On the other hand, not all Windows 10 make it into the successor.

These Functions Do Not Apply

So that there is no rude awakening later when upgrading to Windows 11, Microsoft has provided a list of omitted functions. It turns out to be lavish:

  1. Cortana: Microsoft’s unloved language assistant will no longer guide you through the system’s initial setup and will no longer be a permanent part of the taskbar. If you want, you can install Cortana from the Microsoft Store.
  2. Wallpaper can no longer be transferred from one PC to another using a Microsoft account.
  3. Internet Explorer: Microsoft’s old browser will be deactivated. Microsoft Edge Chromium serves as a replacement and correctly displays outdated websites in IE mode.
  4. The math input area is removed. If required, the math recognition is installed and contains the control and the award for mathematical inputs. This doesn’t apply to math ink in apps like OneNote.
  5. Microsoft recently introduced new and exciting topics in Windows 10, but with Windows 11, the function is already out of the system. The reintroduced widgets offer similar functionality.
  6. The quick status on the lock screen is no longer necessary, as are the associated settings.
  7. The slimmed-down S mode will only be available in the Home Edition of Windows 11 in the future.
  8. Microsoft is replacing Skype MeetNow with the “Chat” function. Behind this, in turn, is Microsoft Teams.
  9. The name of the Snipping Tool for screenshots is retained, but Microsoft is replacing it in terms of content and appearance with the tool previously known as “Snip & Sketch.”
  10. The same account for several features in the Start menu: Windows 11 does not support named groups and folders from apps anymore. The size of the start menu can no longer be adjusted. Folders and web pages pinned to the menu are lost when upgrading Windows 10. And there will also no longer be live tiles. However, their function can be replaced by new widgets.
  11. There is also a lot going overboard in the taskbar: Contacts can no longer be seen there, and symbols in the info bar can be lost when upgrading from Windows 10. Recently, the toolbar can no longer be positioned on the side or top but only on the bottom. Apps previously used to customize the toolbar can no longer do this.
  12. The previous tablet mode will be removed and replaced with a better one.
  13. The timeline already lets Microsoft die in Windows 10. It will not be represented in Windows 11 from the start.
  14. The on-screen keyboard can no longer dock or undock keyboard layouts on screen sizes from 18 inches upwards.
  15. The wallet app is officially disappearing. It was no longer to be found in Windows 10 for PCs anyway.

Outsourced Programs

Microsoft does not remove four other apps when upgrading Windows 10. When reinstalling Windows 11, however, they are no longer automatically available and must be installed from the Microsoft Store if necessary :

  1. 3D viewer
  2. OneNote for Windows 10
  3. Paint 3D
  4. Skype

Recently Deleted Functions

Not for the first time, Microsoft is removing features from Windows. When switching from Windows 7 or 8 to Windows 10, numerous, often beloved programs were no longer necessary. And the previous Windows 10 versions also left feathers.

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