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Why Subscribe To Amazon Prime? All The Advantages

Amazon Prime: single subscription and many additional services. Here is the complete guide with information on costs and benefits for users. Amazon Prime is the Amazon service famous worldwide for the possibility of receiving fast shipments on millions of products for sale on e-commerce. However, many ignore that the benefits are not limited only to the fast delivery service.

Still, you can also receive a wide range of benefits, all included in the Prime membership, which we remember has a 30-day free trial and then a cost. Of € 3.99 / month or € 36 / year (equivalent to € 3 / month), at the user’s choice. If you are wondering how to contact the amazon hr department and eager to know about the amazon erc number the please click and go through the article.

The Advantages Of The Amazon Prime Subscription

The benefits of subscribing to Amazon Prime includes:

  1. Access to Prime Video, where you can watch all of the platform’s movies and TV series for free, such as The Boys, Good Omens, Carnival Row, and the best Wednesday night UEFA Champions League matches.
  2. Access to Prime Gaming, the online platform that allows you to download and play full indie games for free, unlock extra content and features on hundreds of video games (such as GTA Online, FIFA 22, League of Legends, etc.), and the ability to subscribe free of charge every month to a Twitch channel among the partner streamers (including all the features of the Twitch channel generally reserved for those who subscribe to specific subscriptions).
  3. Access to Amazon Music Prime, a sort of reduced version of Amazon Music Unlimited (which instead costs € 9.99 / month) with which you can listen to a selection of about 2 million songs and hundreds of playlists for free, without advertising and with the possibility of downloading for offline playback.
  4. Access to Prime Reading, also a limited version of the twin Kindle Unlimited (which instead costs € 9.99 / month) and which allows you to read hundreds of eBooks for free from smartphones and tablets, via the Kindle app (for iOS and Android) or directly from Kindle Fire / another Kindle device.
  5. Thirty minutes early access to the Lampo offers compared to non-Prime and Amazon Photos users, digital storage space on Amazon Drive for free, unlimited uploads for photos, and up to 5GB for videos.

Let’s take a closer look at each of these benefits.

Fast Shipping With Amazon Prime

The possibility of buying products on Amazon with free shipping and delivery in 1 business day is undoubtedly one of the most significant benefits of the Amazon Prime service. Currently, for about 2 million products and most of the postal codes, delivery is guaranteed in 1 working day starting from the payment date on e-commerce. Otherwise, it is still possible to benefit from deliveries in a maximum of 2-3 working days on millions of other products on the platform.

Amazon Prime Video

As mentioned, with a single Prime subscription, it is possible to receive the guarantee of fast shipping on many of the products available online and access a series of additional services completely free of charge. Among these, Prime Video is undoubtedly one of the most loved by users, who can access a multimedia catalog full of streaming TV series, films, and the best matches of the UEFA Champions League on Wednesday night.

We remind you that the Amazon Original series includes:

  1. The Boys;
  2. Good Omens;
  3. The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel;
  4. Carnival Row;
  5. The Wilds;
  6. The man in the high castle;
  7. Hanna.

Prime Gaming With Amazon Prime

Even Prime Gaming falls within the value proposition reserved free of charge to all Prime customers. This particular platform allows you to unlock content, skills, characters, vehicles, skins, and many other bonuses for all Amazon-affiliate video games (offers are limited-time), as well as the ability to play indie games for free – by definition, those video games. They are usually developed by small teams / by a single developer, such as Minecraft, Divinity Original Sin 2, Hollow Knight, and Outer Wilds – and a monthly subscription to a Twitch channel, among those present in the dashboard.

Amazon Music Prime

Another vital service included with Prime is Amazon Music (not to be confused with Music Unlimited, which instead is paid separately), which gives the possibility to stream about two million songs without commercial interruptions, radio, and playlists and with offline listening. Thanks to the dedicated app or Alexa, with unlimited skips and the ability to listen to music on all iOS and Android devices.

Prime Reading

Even Prime Reading (which is not Kindle Unlimited, the cost of which is separate) is part of the package Amazon Prime, with the ability to access a selection of updated eBooks regularly enjoyed by Android or iOS devices (with the app “Kindle”) and Kindle or Tablet Fire.

Amazon Photos

Among the other advantages of Prime users, there is the possibility of using the Amazon Photos service, which entitles you to unlimited storage space for photos and up to 5 GB for videos on Amazon Drive. You can upload photos directly from your computer or another device and back up your multimedia content using the Amazon Photos app.

Lightning Deals And Amazon Prime Days

Finally, only those who activate the Prime service can participate in Prime Day, which usually lasts 48 hours and is characterized by numerous discounts and offers. Prime users will also be able to enjoy the possibility of early access to the Lightning offers of 30 minutes compared to users not registered to Amazon Prime, both during Prime Day – where there is a surge in discounts and lightning promotions – and throughout the year.

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