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SAP On Azure: Public Cloud Scenarios Are Increasingly In Demand

The public cloud is increasingly determining the IT business. If medium-sized companies were previously reluctant to move business-critical workloads – such as their SAP system – to the public cloud, this is now changing. To better support our customers, q.beyond is now offering “SAP on Azure” as part of the Microsoft “SAP DCM Sprint” program.

For a long time, the private cloud platforms – such as the enterprise cloud from q.beyond – were ahead in the SAP business. But now, more and more tenders are explicitly asking for operating scenarios in the public cloud. Cost advantages, flexibility, and technical innovations speak in favor of this strategy.

The Switch To SAP S / 4HANA Is Driving Demand For The Cloud

In addition, support for the last SAP version ECC 6.0, will expire in 2027. However, the successor S / 4HANA places significantly higher demands on its system environment. The result: tens of thousands of business customers will not only change their SAP version in the coming years. You will also reorganize the IT operations of your ERP. The current tenders show that customer preferences are also shifting towards the public cloud when operating SAP.

Microsoft Is A Leader In Medium-Sized Companies – And Popular With SAP

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Q.beyond Opens Up SAP In The Public Cloud For Medium-Sized Companies

All of this is reason enough for q.beyond to go into unprecedented participation with Microsoft: We are presently one of just four Microsoft accomplices in the SAP DCM Sprint – and can help our clients all the better regarding moving from SAP Systems in the Azure Public Cloud. What’s more, our admittance to medium-sized organizations makes us q.beyond the significant Microsoft accomplice for this theme – as we have been a multi-guaranteed Microsoft accomplice for quite some time. 

Our experience is: The upsides of an SAP from the public cloud don’t produce for medium-sized organizations. There is an absence of cloud modelers and the necessary experience for the up-and-coming age of SAP tasks. With our numerous long periods of ability in SAP, Microsoft, Cloud, and the Internet of Things, we have all that we need to incorporate SAP S/4HANA and Azure.

Free Choice Between Public, Hybrid, Or Private Cloud

In the Microsoft cloud, we offer the same managed services as in our private cloud. With our many years of expertise, our customers have the freedom to choose to implement all cloud scenarios, whether public, private, or hybrid cloud. 

We advise you, set up SAP S / 4HANA on your desired platform, operate it and continuously optimize it. We also support our customers in integrating their SAP with Office in the best possible way or expanding it with the help of innovative Azure platform services and digitizing their business processes.

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