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InShot, The Editor For Creative Content Creation

InShot is the ideal application for all who need to create content for social networks quickly and easily: this is how it works. The conception and creation of content are one of the most important aspects of a digital marketing strategy. Users view hundreds of social media posts, articles, and advertisements daily. Amazing them and capturing their attention is increasingly complicated. It is necessary to use all the creativity possible and use tools that allow the creation of quality images and videos with ease.

Among these is InShot, an application for mobile devices that can be downloaded and used for free, which allows the editing and creation of videos and images to be published on social networks and, in general, on the web. It is handy for freelancers and small businesses who need to create captivating content quickly despite not having the resources, knowledge, and skills necessary to use complex and professional software.

InShot: What It Is And Features

InShot is a free application for mobile devices equipped with an Android or iOS operating system. It is available in multiple languages, including English, French, German and Spanish. To access the essential functions, there is no need to subscribe. If you need more sophisticated tools, to be able to apply all the transitions, effects, and stickers present on the application, to have to remove the InShot logo, and if you want to avoid any advertising, you need to access InShot Pro by subscribing a monthly subscription starting at 3.09 euros or purchase the permanent license for the app for 29.99 euros. 

Before proceeding, you can take a 7-day free trial. One of the most popular features of InShot is the resizing of images and videos. It allows you to crop the contents of the dimensions required by various platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, allowing users to view them perfectly. Creating a video of the size required by the platform is necessary to allow it to be viewed correctly and increase the level of appreciation from the public. 

The app allows the editing of videos, their reduction, the insertion of transitions between two or more video clips, the union of several elements, the increase of the speed, the modification of the audio and music, the volume adjustment, and presentation creation. Photos can be cropped, and custom stickers and text can be added. With InShot, you can make collages, add atmospheric materials (such as snow, rain effect, or bright stars), and different types of impact.

InShot: How To Edit Videos

To use InShot for creating videos, download and install the original application on your mobile device. Open the tool and, on the home page, click on ‘Video’ in the ‘Create New’ area. If necessary, give consent for access to the photo library and camera of the device. Select one or more videos you want to edit in the personal album. In part dedicated to ‘materials,’ you will find all the clips for opening the content, suitable for closing, transitions, and effects.

Once the video has been added, you can select the part to be edited by cropping it. With the ‘canvas’ tool, you can give the footage the necessary size (for example, the perfect one for Instagram Stories ). You can add audio, recordings, stickers, texts, effects, and mosaics. You can access an extensive gallery of filters to apply. You can change their value, making them more or less intense, and choose how many seconds or minutes they should be visible. You can join two videos and make them visible simultaneously through the PIP function. You can intervene in the background by changing its blur, image, color, gradient, and pattern.

The video can be played backward, rotated, duplicated, or replaced. You can add a voice effect or reduce noise. The speed can be decreased and increased throughout the video or create custom curves. Once the editing is finished, the video is saved to the device. Through the application, the content can be shared directly on WhatsApp, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, Messenger, Twitter, and other platforms.

InShot: How To Edit Images And Create Collages

InShot is the ideal application for quick image editing. After downloading and installing it on your device, open it and go to the home page. In the ‘Create New’ area, tap on ‘Photo’ and select the photo to edit. Using the ‘canvas’ tool, the image is made to the right size for the platform on which it will be shared once the work is finished. You can add filters or manually adjust the photo by adjusting the brightness, contrast, warmth, hue, saturation, fade, shadows, sharpness, grain, and many other elements.

You can add the effects in the app library, stickers, and texts of different colors and sizes, make cutouts isolating only the objects you are interested in, and rotate them as you prefer. Once the editing has been completed, the content will be saved on the device. Through InShot, the created image can be exported to external platforms such as Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook, Messenger, Twitter, and Signal. This allows for a more straightforward implementation of the elaborated digital marketing strategy and facilitated content creation.

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