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Google Docs: Tips And Tricks

There are many tricks to use Google Docs at 100% of its possibilities: here’s how to do it, from sharing settings to voice typing. Google Docs is a very easy-to-use word processing program. It is very similar to Word from Microsoft, Pages from macOS or Writer from the OpenOffice suite. The main difference is that Google Docs allows publishing the content in question directly on the web. Furthermore, it enables users to work together and simultaneously on the same file. The setting of the sharing settings is an essential first aspect to take into consideration to fully exploit the possibilities of Google documents. 

They range from creating roles assigned to the various addresses involved to indicating the public access settings to the paper. Many remarkable little tricks allow you to use Google Docs at 100%: the activation of voice typing and access to the history and previous revisions. Thanks to voice typing, the user can limit himself to reading the text, which will then be automatically video scribe. The chronology allows you to view all previous document versions without the risk of deleting any critical information. Finally, it should be noted that Google Docs can be further integrated and enhanced by installing the multiple add-ons available in the Google Play Store: those SEO oriented and those designed to integrate files with complex diagrams. 

What Is Google Docs

Google Documents (Google Documents or Google Docs) is one of the web-based programs created by the “big G” in the field of office automation. Together with Presentations, Sheets and Forms, it allows you to complete some of the most critical and widespread operations: from word processing to creating spreadsheets, passing through the creation of PowerPoint-style presentations. However, the story of Google Docs is slightly more complex than that of its colleagues. This program was born of two previously separate products: on the one hand Writely, on other, Google Spreadsheets.

Writely was a word processor designed by the Upstartle company for publishing on the web. Work on its realization had begun in 2005, and the goal was to arrive at a word processing tool in line with Microsoft Word and OpenOffice Writer. At the same time, Google was working on creating Spreadsheets. However, in 2006, it was still in a limited test state within Google Labs: a site capable of hosting non-definitive versions of various programs and products. Google Docs is a program that allows text processing directly on the web. It originated from Writer and Google Spreadsheets.

When Google announced the acquisition of Upstartle, we started talking about Documents: an office automation program that allowed you to create documents on a local device and automatically save them on the servers of the Mountain View giant. Today Google Docs allows you to create documents directly online: it is elementary to use and offers many different sharing possibilities. First of all, it is perfectly compatible with the file extensions of the Microsoft Office suite. Google documents can be downloaded to your device in many different formats : from .docx ( Word ) to .odt (OpenOffice), from .rtf to .txt, passing through .PDF and even .epub.

Voice Sharing And Typing On Google Docs

The main thing to begin utilizing Google Docs overall quite well is to set the sharing settings of a document accurately. Along these lines, teaming up with a few groups on similar records is feasible without emailing duplicates. You can add at least one email address by tapping on the Share button in the upper right of the screen (work area rendition). From here, choosing the jobs of the different clients: proofreader with altering privileges or perhaps viewer is additionally conceivable. When you have tapped the Share button, you can change the community settings for the referred archive. The phrasing With Limitations permits admittance to the document to the people who have been explicitly approved.

Going against the norm, the phrase ” Anyone Who Has The Link ” makes the record open by sending the committed URL. Many individuals don’t realize that Google Docs permits you to enact voice composing: along these lines, the client can direct their text to the PC as though it were Alexa, passing on the program to decipher it. The moves toward following to actuate voice composing are fundamental. Start your mouthpiece, and afterwards, go through the Tools menu. From here, select the Voice Typing thing and begin talking. Then again, this capability is just ideally suited for naturally translating recently recorded sound.

Google Docs History, Revisions And Add-Ons

One more frequently disregarded component of Google Docs is the capacity to get to the set of experiences and modifications: an excellent method for surveying the historical backdrop of a document without obliterating the ctrl and Z keys on the console. To see the correction history, click on the accessible File menu and quest for the thing with a similar name. 

Along these lines, it is feasible to save the present status of the archive you are dealing with and notice it’s inevitable past forms. At last, it is dependably helpful to recollect that dealing with Google reports can be considerably more available and complete by falling back on the right additional items. Starting here in view, they are ruined for decision: they range from those committed to SEO to those that permit you to embed idea guides, plans or outlines.

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