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How To See Hidden Friends On Facebook

Curiosity, it is well known, is a sign of great intelligence but often also of wanting to take an interest in other people’s issues and, no offense, the fact that you cannot see the friends list of that old acquaintance of yours that you have found on Facebook is the trial. Your friend has preferred to set his contact list on the famous social network as hidden to “close the doors” to, let’s say, nosy. But you don’t give up on anything, which is why you’d like to know if there is some way to still be able to see hidden friends on Facebook. What do you say? 

Things are exactly like this, and would you like to understand if we can help you or not? Obviously, yes, God forbid. If you allow me a few minutes of your free time, We can show you how to succeed in your intent, but this is good to specify right away. Do not expect any hacking lessons or voodoo rituals. I’m going to explain how to use the system in your favor to view mutual friends who, beyond any privacy setting relating to friends lists, are always visible. In short, nothing breaks the law and goes against the social network rules. 

In addition to explaining how to exploit the “trick” above (which you can put into practice in three different ways), for completeness of information, We will show you how to make your friends list private if it clogs you. But now, chat, and let’s get to work. Position yourself comfortably in front of your trusty computer (or grab your smartphone; it can also be done from there) and read my guide. We sincerely hope that you can feel pleased and satisfied with what you have learned in the end.

How To See A Friend’s Hidden Facebook Friends

Suppose you are wondering how to see hidden friends on Facebook. In that case, you should know that if a user has decided to hide his friend’s list through the appropriate privacy settings of the social network, you will not be able to satisfy your curiosity (and luckily, We would say! ). Indeed, if you run into apps or online services that allow you to do such a thing, stay away from them as they could be scams or malware.

The only thing you can do, in this case, is to send a message on Facebook to the user of your interest and ask him if he can change the privacy settings of his friend’s list: an operation that can be quickly done by pressing the button located in the Friends section of your profile and selecting the Friends item in the Friends list option.

How To See Mutual Friends Hidden On Facebook

Would you like to add a person among your Facebook friends but before doing so, are you wondering how to see mutual friends on Facebook? If the user in question has not hidden his friend’s list via the privacy settings mentioned above, you can easily do this.

Android / iOS

To see mutual friends on Facebook using your smartphone and tablet, start the Facebook app you have installed on your device and log into your account if necessary. Once this is done, press the ☰ icon and then tap on the Friends item to view the friend requests sent to you on Facebook. Now, in correspondence with the person of your interest, tap on his name to see his profile, press the Friends item, and finally, press on the In standard tab to see the list of friendships you have in common.


Even from a PC, you can see the list of friends in common you have with a Facebook user when he sends you a friend request. To do this, log in to Facebook and press on the Friends item located in the sidebar of the social network. In the Friend Requests section, you will be shown the names of the people who have sent you a friend request on Facebook about the number of friends you have in common. To see the mutual friends who have been hidden from the main view, all you have to do is press on the number of mutual friends: by doing this, you will be shown the complete list of all the people who are also part of your Friends list on Facebook.

How To Find Hidden Friends On Facebook

By mistake, you hid a friend’s posts from the Facebook Feed view, and now you are wondering how to find hidden friends on Facebook, as you would like to run for cover? Here’s how to do it.

Android / iOS

To see the friends hidden from the Facebook Feed, you can access the Activity log section, which shows, on a single screen, all the actions performed within the social network. Therefore, log in to your Facebook account through the social network app and tap on the ☰ icon. Now, in the menu shown to you, press on the Settings and privacy> Settings items and tap on the Activity log section.

Then press on the item View connections to see your activities concerning the relations made with other social network users: if you have stopped following a user. Now you want to retrace your steps, tap on the user’s name and then on the Friends button, to select the Follow option and go back to seeing the contents it publishes in the Feed.


To find your hidden Facebook friends from your PC, log into your account, if you haven’t already, and click on the ▼ icon in the top right corner. In the menu shown to you, click on Settings and privacy and then click on the word Activity log to go to this section of the social network. At this point, click on the Connections item located in the left menu to view the activities carried out on Facebook about connections with friends.

Therefore, if, by mistake, you have stopped following a user and thus, unknowingly, you have hidden his contents from viewing the Facebook Feed, you can retrace his steps: all you have to do is press on the name of the person of your interest to view his profile. Finally, click on the Friends item and press the Follow button to go back to see his posts on Facebook in the menu shown to you.

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