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Tips For Facebook Cover Photos And Videos

Create A Facebook Cover Photo: These Online Tools Will Help You

You don’t have to be a professional designer to create a good Facebook cover photo. Some helpful online tools can do a lot of your work. These tools provide layouts and designs and are easy to use with drag-and-drop. We would like to present three more well-known tools that we can recommend briefly. They explain themselves in the application. 


This free design tool gives you excellent easy-to-understand options to create a pretty cover photo for your Facebook page. With Canva, you can choose from various templates and create cover photos that are unique to your business. You can also upload your brand kit in the paid Pro version, i.e. your colors, logos, and font. This allows you to work flexibly. It really couldn’t be easier.  Canva gives you an easy way to create your Facebook cover photo with little effort.


Pagemodo is a real all-rounder among Facebook marketing tools. You can use it to create beautiful cover photos and post graphics just as quickly as Canva. In addition, you can layout and plan posts, design tabs for your Facebook page and plan competitions. An ad manager is also included. And thanks to the app version for mobile devices, you can do all of this conveniently on the go. However, this tool also costs a bit. However, the (currently) around 6.50 euros per month are well invested. 


You can also get everything Canva offers from Snappa . However, the tool also provides templates for cover images, in which the various forms of presentation are already optimized during planning. That’s pretty handy. However, the free version only allows you 5 downloads per month. For more Snappa charges 10 USD per month. In terms of user-friendliness, however, this tool can hardly be topped. 

Facebook Cover Picture As The Video

For a while now, Facebook has offered the option to use a video instead of a static cover photo. This is a great thing and a super eye-catcher for everyone who visits a Facebook page. Whether the effort is worth it is still a legitimate question. A quick look at the facts, possibilities and challenges of a cover video: You can choose a short film as the title video, which must be between 20 and 90 seconds long.

This film will be played in an endless loop on your Facebook page. The user only sees your cover video when they visit your Facebook page. A static cover image from your video is still shown in all other forms of display, which you can select when uploading. So much for the relatively sparse use of the cover video.

Facebook Cover Photo Or Video?

If a user lands on your Facebook page – and this is especially the case with potential new fans who have not yet subscribed to your page – then such a moving cover can be a real bringer. Because movement always generates more attention on Facebook than standing still.  So if you already have an excellent, short and appealing video about your company, your team or a new product, or you can easily create it, it would be worth considering making a cover for your site from it. Otherwise, it would help if you thought twice about whether the effort is worth it. 

And we can’t remind you often enough: the attention span in social networks is damn short. Facebook offers the option to upload cover videos between 20 and 90 seconds long. However, to watch a title video of over 30 seconds to the end, the little film has to be either damn exciting or the user extremely curious. If the most important thing comes to an end in a minute and a half, forget it and nobody will notice. So it is best to create your cover video from a concise film with simple but visually appealing content.  Incidentally, the title video can also contain sound. As with all video formats on Facebook, however, this is automatically switched off and activated by the user. 

However, 85% of users watch videos without sound. A video that lives from the spoken word is therefore actually useless. And since it can get tricky with this component, we would generally advise not to use it. Make a convincing post out of videos with sound.  The purely technical execution shows similar challenges as with the static cover image. The mobile and desktop versions each look different. So keep in mind the tips that we have already given above for your cover video. 

Pay attention to the sections around the edges, think carefully about where to place text, and focus on making the cover video work exceptionally well on mobile devices. The technical requirements for cover videos are precise on Facebook. The video must be at least 820 x 312 pixels, 20 seconds and no longer than 90 seconds. You will get the best results with 820 x 462 pixels resolution. Facebook gives you a free hand when it comes to video formats. However, the lowest losses can be seen in mp4 and MOV. 

Facebook Cover Size & Tips

Facebook provides information about the optimal image size, and file format is more confusing than helpful. In the end, the question remains as to how the title image should be formatted to come across well on all devices and in all forms of display and to achieve few losses.  

The Correct Format For Facebook Cover Photos

You have the option of uploading your cover photo as a JPG or PNG file. Facebook automatically compresses JPG images. Therefore, loss in image quality is expected, which is not necessarily advantageous in the desktop version, especially if text or a logo is integrated. Therefore, the PNG variant is recommended because Facebook processes it without loss. However, you must ensure that your image remains smaller than 1MB. Otherwise, it will be automatically converted to JPG, and the generous benefit would be wasted. 

What Resolution Should The Facebook Cover Photo Have?

This question is super easy to answer. Anything you create for the digital realm should always have a resolution of 72 DPI. So it doesn’t matter whether you make the image for your website or your Facebook page. All other resolutions, such as the standard 150 DPI or 300 DPI, are intended for the print sector and only make sense there.

Facebook Cover Photo Size

As already mentioned, due to the different forms of representation, there are always losses. With Facebook’s specified dimensions of 640 x 360 pixels, your image will be cropped at the top and bottom in the desktop version. Also, it gets a bit blurry. In the variant with 851 x 315 pixels, something is missing on the right and left in the mobile version. 

However, if you have taken our tips in this article into account when designing your image, it is only about numbers.  So if you want to achieve the best possible image quality and most prominent display for your cover photo that works with all display variants, the answer is plain and simple:  Aspect ratio: 16:9, Dimension: 820 x 461 pixels.

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