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How To Recover Deleted WhatsApp Messages Without Android Backup

You are the typical thoughtless, and, consequently, you inadvertently erased some important messages you had in WhatsApp. You have considered curing the circumstance by reestablishing a reinforcement of the application. You have found reinforcement duplicates of your messages either on Google Drive nor on the cell phone memory to your great lament.

What’s more, presently? Is it an opportunity to twist up in a corner and yield to surrender? Not! If you have an Android cell phone, you can exploit a few arrangements that filter the telephone memory and permit you to reestablish, if still present, the messages erased from WhatsApp. Don’t you trust it?

Then, at that point, attempt to cut out five minutes of available energy and set up as a regular occurrence the exhortation I am going to give you: I guarantee you that you might be agreeably astonished by the outcomes. Don’t anticipate supernatural occurrences: if the messages you erased from WhatsApp have been overwritten by other data on the cell phone memory, sadly, you will not have the option to do a lot to recuperate them.

App To Recover Deleted Messages From WhatsApp

Assume you need to recuperate erased messages from WhatsApp and you don’t have a reinforcement available to you. You can depend on applications for Android that analyze the cell phone memory (or the SD introduced inside it) and attempt to recuperate talks that different information has not yet been overwritten. 

The applications being referred to are on the whole direct to utilize, however shockingly, they have an “imperfection”: they possibly work if the gadget has been established. If you don’t know, the root is a strategy that opens the manager authorizations on Android. Then, at that point, you get the capacity to perform activities that would not generally be permitted (for example, definitively, the recovery of erased information).

We enlightened you in more detail in my instructional exercise on the most proficient method to root Android. One more fundamental thing to indicate is that putting in new applications on the cell phone could prompt the overwriting of the memory segments on which the messages you need to recuperate were facilitated, perplexingly prompting their authoritative scratch-off.

In principle, it would be ideal not to play out any procedure on the telephone until you can recover the messages necessary to you, yet you don’t have a lot of decisions in such a manner. Altogether, not to “contact” the cell phone’s memory, you could attempt the PC arrangements that I will discuss in the following part of the instructional exercise. However, I caution you.

They are more bulky and costly to use than the Android applications: the decision is yours. Anyway, is everything clear up until now? Indeed, then, at that point, we should not lose all sense of direction in prattle any longer. How about we see which applications can be utilized to recuperate erased WhatsApp messages without Android Backup.

EaseUS MobiSaver

Among the different information recuperation applications We attempted, EaseUS MobiSaver is the one that permitted me to get the best outcomes: it figured out how to recuperate the discussions I had erased from WhatsApp and show them to me ultimately. The application can be downloaded and utilized free of charge.  Having made this fundamental explanation, we should make a move.

In the first place, open the Play Store page committed to EaseUS MobiSaver and first press the Install button and afterward the Accept button to continue with the establishment of the application. Toward the system’s finish, start MobiSaver, press the WhatsApp Recovery button on its entire screen, and award root authorizations to the application by noting Grant to the notice that shows up on the net. 

Now, sit tight for the cell phone memory output to be finished (it shouldn’t take long), and you will be shown the rundown of WhatsApp messages that can be recuperated. To see the substance of a visit, you should press on it. To reestablish it notwithstanding, you should choose it utilizing the appropriate box on the left. You should press the Recover button situated at the top, and you should open the complete form of EaseUS MobiSaver by making the in-application buy proposed to you.


Assume EaseUS MobiSaver can’t discover the messages you erased from WhatsApp. You can attempt Undeleter: an information recuperation application that permits you to reestablish different erased records (photographs, recordings, and so forth) and recuperate application information, including WhatsApp. In my tests, it didn’t act well overall: it couldn’t “see” the visits that EaseUS MobiSaver could recuperate, at the same time, as is commonly said, attempting doesn’t do any harm. 

Then again, the application is free: you can download and utilize it at no expense. Its main restriction comprises the showcase of a publicizing spot of around 15 seconds before information recuperation (this cutoff, nonetheless, can be eliminated by buying the complete form of the application for 4.99 euros). To download Undeleter on your cell phone: 

  1. Open the Play Store page committed to the application and tap first on the Install button and afterward on Accept. 
  2. After a download is finished, start Undeleter, press the button Next, and award the application root authorization to react. 
  3. Give the warning that shows up on the screen. On the off chance that a case with a License Agreement shows up, close it. 
  4. Tap the Next button once more, pick the Restore information choice, select the WhatsApp symbol from the screen that opens and hang tight for a complete check of the cell phone memory to be performed. If there are recoverable messages toward the finish of the strategy, select them and utilize the floppy plate symbol (upper right) to save them.

Recover Deleted WhatsApp Messages From PC

As referenced above, putting in new applications on the cell phone could prompt the overwriting of the bits of memory on which the messages to be recuperated were facilitated. To keep this from occurring, you can interface your telephone to your PC and utilize a few information recuperation programs accessible on Windows and macOS.

How To Avoid Deleting Messages In WhatsApp

In the instructional exercise, I trust you can take care of your concern and recuperate erased messages from WhatsApp even without a Backup. Before I leave you, be that as it may, I need to give you several hints to forestall a circumstance like the one you wound up in almost no time before happening once more.

Activate WhatsApp Backups

As inconsequential as it might appear, the best way to avoid losing important messages in WhatsApp is to exploit the reinforcement work remembered for the application, which saves a protected duplicate of the assertions and records contained in the last locally on the cloud, on Google Drive. 

To enact the WhatsApp reinforcement work, start the application, select the Chat tab, press the ⋮ button situated at the upper right and select the Settings thing from the open menu. In the following account, go to Chat, then, at that point, to Backup of talks, and set the Backup to Google Drive choice to Daily.

Then, at that point, select your Gmail account from the container that opens, answer Allow the warning that shows up on the screen, and that is it. WhatsApp will naturally save a reinforcement of visits and connections on Google Drive and the cell phone memory from this second on. To remember recordings for the Backup, put the mark close to Include recordings at the lower part of the screen.

Use Apps That Save WhatsApp History

Assuming you need, you can likewise depend on applications that record the historical backdrop of discussions on WhatsApp and “catch” all notices identifying with the application. I let you know immediately that they are not awesome according to the perspective: uses of this sort could catch all warnings and see the data present in them; however, they could be helpful too for imprudent kinds like you. 

Among the applications that permit you to screen WhatsApp notices and history, I call attention to Whats Removed, which is free and is accessible straightforwardly on the Play Store. To utilize it, in the wake of downloading it on your cell phone, start it, follow its underlying instructional exercise and press the choice Detect erased messages and their records (suggested). 

Then, at that point, permit the application to get to the information on the cell phone memory and the SD card, answer Yes to the notice that shows up on the screen, move the switch comparative with the Read notice information choice to ON and affirm to permit Whats Removed to ” catch “the warnings that show up on the cell phone. 

After this progression, you can also open the application and discover the WhatsApp discussion history in the Chats and Deleted tabs (where the messages erased from WhatsApp will be facilitated). As promptly comprehended, Whats Removed will want to catch and recover just the visits made after its establishment on the telephone.

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