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How To Do Customer Satisfaction Surveys On WhatsApp

The messaging tool has become a valuable ally in business operations for small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs). In this article, we will discover techniques for conducting WhatsApp customer satisfaction surveys. If there is a tool that has favored the rapid digitalization of many SMEs, we are indeed talking about WhatsApp. In addition to being a simple messaging platform, the application has become an essential channel for sales and business services, so much so that it has allowed numerous companies to remain operational even during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Data from the technology companies themselves demonstrate that worldwide, there are over 50 million users registered with WhatsApp Business, the application designed for small and medium-sized businesses through which customers can view catalogs relating to products on sale, contact companies quickly, and purchase the products or services on sale, as well as consult customer support directly.

Using WhatsApp as a commercial tool allows companies to identify new customers, launch new products and services, resolve any doubts, provide assistance, and maintain close contact with customers. As more and more commercial transactions take place online and via messages, SMES must organize their sales cycle from the initial phase to the final step. It’s not just about uploading products for sale to an online catalog on WhatsApp; business digitalization through the use of this application also involves the use of survey programs to collect customer ratings and, consequently, improve the quality of the services offered on the platform.

The Sales Cycle On WhatsApp

The first step to take in order to provide a service via WhatsApp is to create a business account on WhatsApp Business, a service offered specifically to promote transactions between individual users and companies. You will then be able to enter information relating to your location and hours of operation, as well as set up the automatic sending of welcome messages. These features will give greater credibility to the company and convey greater security to the customer.

With a view to commercial use, WhatsApp has added new features to the platform over time, with the aim of promoting better interaction between customers and the brand. Some examples are the product catalog features and the more recent cart. Thanks to the catalog, companies are able to present a sort of “showcase” of the products and services on sale. The customer can then select the items of interest and, using the cart, proceed directly to the order. In this way, the sales and purchase procedures are simplified.

However, there are other ways to organize and present a portfolio. For example, companies can create their flyers using graphics programs or, in the case of restaurants, by publishing digital menus, as well as share content via message using Link Management software, which allows all URLs to be added to a single link relating to the company. Although money transfers between people via WhatsApp have yet to be available in Italy, this digital payment method is already active in India. It is in the final implementation phase in Brazil. 

Therefore, the possibility of being able to make payments via a simple message in the not-too-distant future must be considered for our country, too. After completing the entire cycle, it will be time for the after-sales phase. It is at this point that the customer should be asked to evaluate the service received. Once the communication channel has been defined, it will be easier to collect feedback, whether it is a questionnaire or a simple message asking only for an evaluation.

At this stage, it is recommended to create a quick and straightforward search strategy aimed at collecting customer feedback in an intuitive and fast way. The content received through satisfaction surveys via WhatsApp will provide various inputs on the customer’s experience with the brand, as well as allow the identification of points for improvement in order to optimize the company’s digital presence.

How To Conduct Customer Satisfaction Surveys Via WhatsApp

The main advantage associated with surveys conducted via WhatsApp is represented by the fact that it is a quick, fast, and low-cost strategy. To create a survey on WhatsApp, two methods can be adopted: the first consists of using survey programs to create forms containing questions about the quality of the service provided (or, possibly, the product sold). 

It is essential to underline that since WhatsApp itself is a tool designed for rapid and effective communication, the survey must be as short and structured as possible so that the answers provide suggestions and ideas for improvement. The second method consists of the use of evaluation methodologies such as the Net Promoter Score (NPS) and the Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT).

After asking a direct question such as “What is your level of satisfaction with our service?”, the customer will have to indicate a score between 0 and 10 or between 1 and 5. This type of evaluation can easily be requested via text message. To ensure that the service provided can improve through the use of WhatsApp, it is necessary to monitor the main consumer complaints. Some of the main disadvantages associated with customer support on WhatsApp include delays in responses (41%), difficulties in solving problems (37%), and inconsistency of automatic responses (22%).

How To Send A Customer Satisfaction Survey Via WhatsApp

There are two ways to send satisfaction surveys to your customers via WhatsApp:

  1. Via link: The customer receives a link sent from the company account. By clicking on it, the user is redirected to a page external to WhatsApp, where it will be possible to answer the questionnaire.
  2. By message: the customer receives a message within the same WhatsApp chat, to which it will be possible to reply via another message. The assessment methodologies described previously (NPS or CSAT) are beneficial in this case, as it is only necessary to indicate a score associated with a number.

The good news is that both methods can be done manually without having to resort to automation, which is only available to medium and large businesses that have access to the WhatsApp Business API. In the case of a link, before sharing it, it is advisable to use a URL shortener. In addition to significantly reducing the length of the URL address to be sent to customers, it also allows it to be personalized. This way, customers will feel safer and will not consider the link suspicious.

However, suppose your company already enjoys a certain level of automation. In that case, it will also be necessary to have a tool for automatically sending messages and collecting feedback, such as software for conversational assistants (chatbots) that support assistance via WhatsApp. Basic customer service operations via WhatsApp can be further implemented with customer service software, which allows integration with WhatsApp accounts, control of all tickets, and management of conversations from a single, unified platform.

The Importance Of Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Each customer contact channel is unique. In person, it is certainly easier to build empathy and receive real-time feedback on the services provided. In the case of online services, however, the situation is more complex as the levels of interaction vary. A short and unemotional message can be considered synonymous with coldness, while long response times to messages can be interpreted as a lack of interest in completing the sale. 

This is why it is essential to collect customer opinions using each channel in which the company is present. Since WhatsApp has all the features necessary to consolidate itself as an additional platform for contact between consumers and brands, companies that want to make the most of this tool will need to be able to create strategies aimed at measuring the degree of customer satisfaction regarding the service provided. In the case of bottlenecks, the possibilities for improving the service provided will increase significantly.

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