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Everything You Need To Know About Cloud Gaming In 2023

Gamers will confirm this: there is nothing better than enjoying the latest video game on a high-end console or gaming PC. However, modern video games are quite demanding when it comes to technical requirements. If you haven’t upgraded your PC or game console yet, you need to look for a game with lower system requirements. Or you can switch to watching movies from Netflix or gambling at www.playamo.com/en-IE/. Cloud gaming or game streaming is a digital technology that allows everyone to enjoy AAA video games. You don’t need to upgrade your gaming device to play them but only to pay for cloud gaming service.

How does cloud gaming work?

Instead of installing games on your console or PC, you play games remotely on a virtual server. Well, you still play the game on your device, but all the gaming information is first sent to the virtual server via an Internet connection. Then it is processed and rendered by it, and then streamed to your device. That’s why people often call cloud gaming game streaming: you don’t play cloud games, you interact with game streams. You save space on your hard drive and don’t need to upgrade your PC or console to play certain games. Moreover, cloud gaming allows you to play PC or console video games on your smartphone or tablet. It is very convenient because you don’t need to limit the number of games you buy according to space on your hard drive and budget.

You pay for the monthly subscription to the cloud gaming service such as Amazon Luna or Nvidia GeForce Now and get access to the library of games. Whether you want to play the game on your Android smartphone or Windows 7 office laptop, games will work if the service accepts these devices. As long as you have a steady broadband Internet connection, you can enjoy gaming.

This technical requirement is the most important thing you need to keep in mind about cloud gaming. Cloud games typically require a fast Internet connection with a minimum width of at least 20 Mbps. Cloud gaming providers recommend players use a wired connection instead of Wi-Fi. A wired connection is way more reliable and stable and has higher speed. Without an excellent broadband connection, you may have serious problems and delays with cloud games. However, each provider has its recommendations for Internet connection. You should always check them before choosing a Cloud gaming provider.

You don’t need a top-notch device with much free storage space to play games in a cloud. Modern video games can require almost a Terabyte of free space on the hard drive. Modern CPU and dedicated graphics card are other must-haves for gamers. Specs of standard office laptops or smartphones would never be enough for the latest AAA titles. Moreover, it is not possible to download and install a .exe file on an Android or iOS device. Well, unless you decide on cloud gaming. Then you will be able to run Cyberpunk 2077 or Baldur’s Gate 3 on your Android smartphone via Internet connection.

Cloud gaming: How to get started

How to get access to the cloud gaming service? All you need to get access to a library of games is to choose a cloud gaming service and subscribe to it. From Amazon to Microsoft, many companies offer cloud gaming. In some cases, you need not only to pay for service but also buy the titles at digital game stores, for example, Steam. This is how Nvidia GeForce Now works. The membership price depends on the service and quality of services.

So, GeForce Now offers players Premium, Priority, And Free Membership. If you choose a Free membership, your gaming session will be limited to 1 hour. And you need to buy all the games. Premium membership for $19.99/Month gives players access to many gaming servers. The gaming session has a 8-hour session length. Access to the servers is essential, when it comes to cloud gaming because all the work is done by the server. The number of games that are available to GeForce is over 1000. When choosing a provider, think about your gaming preferences. Consider a variety of games, monthly cost, free trial, and device compatibility.

Future of cloud gaming

The popularity of cloud gaming is rising. But this model has not become as popular as the traditional model of downloading and playing games yet. There are many reasons for it: after all, this technology is tied to the speed of connection. With new technology advancements cloud gaming must become more available and playable for users. It has a future!

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