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How Has 5G Changed The Experience Of Gaming On A Smartphone?

The 5G internet is growing worldwide and many people are enjoying its benefits. One of the sectors that have exploited these improvements is the gaming sector, which can now download games in a matter of seconds and play with no lag at all.

But what happens with those who play from their smartphones? Do they get the same benefits, or do they get stuck with lag and connection issues? Keep scrolling to find it out.

First, What Is 5G Technology?

At some point in your life, you may have seen a little “4G” or “3G” in your phone’s signal, this number indicates the current generation of the cellular network you are using. 5G as you may have guessed is the fifth generation, and it began to be used in South Korea in 2019.

This generation stands out for the vast upgrades in internet speed, allowing download speeds of Gigabytes per second and almost no latency.

Like its predecessors, the 5G internet works using a cell tower and radio waves. However, these towers process the waves differently, allowing higher data rates and more stability even if there are many devices connected.

5G Gaming And Its Impact On Mobile Casinos

Thanks to the improvements in mobile hardware and internet speed, the mobile gaming market has vastly grown. Each day, new players join online games like Call of Duty Mobile or Genshin Impact without any lag issues.

Mobile casinos also saw a huge increase in the number of users, especially iPhone and iPad users, who could now visit iPhone casinos. Thanks to the improvements in streaming, players could now enjoy live games at full image quality.

Cloud Gaming

The 5G technology also paved the road for cloud gaming. A service that allows users to play console games via streaming by paying a monthly subscription. Since cloud gaming works through streaming, you don’t need a powerful phone, making it ideal for gamers with a short budget. The only thing you need is an internet connection powerful enough and maybe a controller.

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Benefits Of The 5G Technology

As we mentioned earlier, the 5G connection is way faster than 4G, being capable of record download rates of 8 GB or more and total data rates of 20 Gb/s. With these new speed rates, players can download and update heavy games in a matter of minutes or seconds.

Another benefit you might enjoy a lot is that a 5G connection also improves uploading speed. This allows you to stream your gameplay through Twitch or other platforms without hurting your own connection. That being said, we don’t recommend streaming while also playing in a cloud gaming service.

And speaking of cloud services, the higher data rates allow players to enjoy these services with minimal input lag. We recommend switching to a 5G connection and optic fibre if you want to fully enjoy cloud gaming.

5G internet has a lower latency compared to 4G. This translates into a reduced lag while playing online, which is extremely important if you want to play competitive mobile games like Fortnite or League of Legends: Wild Rift.

What Do I Need To Start Using 5G Technology?

If you want to start using a 5G connection, you will need two things. A 5G tower close to your location and a 5G-compatible smartphone. The 4G smartphones can’t access

Once you have a tower near your location, you’ll need a 5G-enabled mobile device, as 4G mobile devices can’t use 5G technology. In some cases, you may still receive a signal and internet connection, but the quality of these will be dramatically lower compared to a 5G-enabled device, especially in gaming.

If you connect through the Ethernet cable of your house, you might have to upgrade your router for one that allows a 5G connection. In the case of a Wi-Fi connection, we suggest using a router with dual-band features. These routers allow a 5GHz signal, which is more powerful than the standard 2.4GHz signal.

5GHz Wi-Fi isn’t really related to the 5G generation, but since most 5G smartphones already support it, it’s a good idea to switch to these routers, if you want to improve your Wi-Fi quality while gaming. Be aware, though, that a 5GHz Wi-Fi has a shorter range compared to a 2.4GHz, so you might have to get closer to the router or move it to get the maximum signal.

What Is The Future Of 5G Technology?

Adaptation to 5G technology is taking time for all countries in the world, so it is difficult to know what the future will hold for this technology at the moment. A few years ago, Japan set the world record for the fastest internet, reaching 1.02 Petabytes per second which is equivalent to 1,000,000 GB.

However, this kind of speed is not yet available to the public, so we may have to wait a few years until we can see people playing on their phones with data rates of terabytes or petabytes.

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