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Google Launches New Tools For The Green Transition Of Business

Preserving the environment is everyone’s duty. To allow a company life with a low ecological impact, Google has launched new tools: let’s find out which ones. Companies are increasingly attentive to their ecological impact on the planet and try to make decisions that, in addition to allowing growth, increasing sales, acquiring new customers, and their complete satisfaction, are also sustainable. Google, aware of this need, has developed new tools for sustainable development.

Sustainable Development: A Question Of Small Choices

For sustainable development, it is not necessary to make significant changes. As stated by Google, the transformation passes through small daily life choices by individuals, companies, and organizations of all types. To be able to make decisions that have a positive impact on the environment, you need to have all the correct information. 

Only in this way will it be possible to understand, for example, which materials to purchase for company production, when to irrigate crops or what to invest in. During the Google Cloud Sustainability Summit, the company announced the release of new tools that entrepreneurs and citizens need to obtain all the data they need to make green choices.

The New Google Tools For The Ecological Transition

Among the information that Google believes is important to companies is climate information, which is needed to help governments be more resilient to climate change. For this reason, the availability of Google Earth Engine on Google Cloud has been announced. It is an environmental monitoring technology that, through hundreds of satellites and other sources, returns accurate data that allow us to understand the correlation between human activities and environmental impact.

Google has set itself the goal of using only carbon-free energy by 2030 and has decided to make public all the knowledge acquired over time. All data collected over the past decade by the company and its partners will be shared in a pilot program with customers. This will allow those who want to start low-impact activities to know their electricity emissions profile. The Carbon Sense Google Cloud suite allows entrepreneurs to prioritize sustainability and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by quickly accessing data on the latter to monitor them and make sustainable choices. 

Finally, one of the goals that the Silicon Valley company has set itself is to expand the ecosystem of Google Cloud partners to offer innovative solutions and help governments and companies around the world implement sustainability programs. It announced Google Cloud Ready – Sustainability and Google Cloud Marketplace Sustainability Hub in this context. The first is a partner validation program that offers solutions that reduce carbon emissions. The second gives customers the purchase and access to sustainable solutions.

Provide Climate Data For Organizations

Google recently announced new offerings to help institutions better understand the risks to natural resources due to climate change. To provide this data to its customers, Google announced the launch of the Google Earth Engine on Google Cloud. This environmental monitoring technology combines satellite data to provide information on the status of habitats and ecosystems and how they change over time.

Information On Renewable Energy Sources

Another essential tool made available by Google is the new pilot program, which shares data on carbon-free energy 24 hours a day. This real-time data can give you a clear picture of your emissions and establish a baseline score for carbon-free energy (CFE) and your carbon footprint, helping brands and companies optimize their emissions and make more and more choices. Aware in energy terms.

Expand Carbon Sense

The Carbon Sense suite is also valuable for monitoring sustainability with new data and reports. Google also launched the Carbon Footprint for Workspace to provide definitions for emissions associated with products such as Gmail, Meet, Docs, and others. All these tools are essential for companies and brands that want to monitor their environmental impact and optimize it with strategies based on the data provided by these Google tools.

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