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Eleven Fun Tricks For Windows 10

Windows 10 can be customized in graphics. You can insert shortcuts and even play with them. Here are 11 fun tips

Turn Your Desktop Into A Lawn

Suppose you’d like a fun desktop app to bring a bit of peace of mind to your Windows 10 experience as well. This extension can grow flowers on app windows and taskbar while friendly little birds flutter. You’ll even get letters in a small desktop inbox.

Temporarily Hide Or Show All Desktop Icons

If you like a clean, icon-free desktop, it will be easy to hide them without removing them temporarily. Just click with the right mouse button anywhere on the desktop and, in the pop-up menu, select View -> Show desktop icons. Once deactivated, the heroes will be hidden, but you can quickly bring them back to the surface by activating them again in the context menu.

Create An Invisible Folder On The Desktop

It’s an almost useless trick, but creating an invisible folder on the desktop that hides while remaining in plain sight is possible. This involves changing a folder’s icon to an “empty” (completely transparent) icon and renaming it to an unseen space. This system doesn’t make it private or secure, but it’s fun.

Quickly Change The Size Of Icons On The Desktop

If you want to quickly adjust the size of the desktop icons, press Ctrl while scrolling the mouse wheel. By swiping in one direction, the heroes will get larger (probably more than you’d expect!), And lifting in the opposite direction will make them tiny. Once you find the size you want, release Ctrl, and the icons will stay that size.

Organize Your Desktop With Stardock Fences

If you want to organize files, folders, and desktop shortcuts, try Stardock Fences. This utility allows you to arrange icons into user-defined groups. You can also enable fences to sort desktop files automatically.

Use Bing Photos As Wallpaper

Bing features beautiful photos every day, and Microsoft allows them to be used as a desktop background. Just download and install the official Bing Wallpaper app, and that’s it! You’ll have a new, professional-quality wallpaper every day of the week.

Use Virtual Desktops

This is not strictly about desktop file space, but it is also possible to use virtual desktops on Windows 10. These are alternative workspaces for app windows that you can quickly switch between. For example, you can arrange a virtual desktop full of windows placed for a specific task, then switch to an immaculate one without losing the original window layout. Unfortunately, it is not possible to configure multiple pages with the same icons.

The Spiteful Goose

The creator of Desktop Meadow also created an unofficial tribute, Untitled Goose Game, in a small app called Desktop Goose. He puts a small, angry goose on the desktop that chases the cursor and tries to drag it, rearranges the windows, and leaves messages.

Use Windows 10 Default Wallpapers

If you prefer the older, darker Windows 10 default desktop wallpaper, you can copy it from an older PC or download it from Imgur. You can find Windows default wallpapers in the C: \ Windows \ Web folder.

Synchronize A Windows And Mac Desktop

Using symbolic links and a local network, you can synchronize files on Mac and Windows desktops. Once set up, if you place a file on either desktop, it will automatically appear on the other. It takes some time to set it up, but once it’s done, it works wonders!

Create The “Show Desktop” Icon In The Quick Launch Bar

On Windows 10, you can quickly see your desktop at any time if you click on the tiny line at the far right of the taskbar. However, if you’re an old-school Windows fan, you can create and drag a “Show Desktop” icon to the Quick Launch area. So, next time you want to see your desktop, click the link, and voila.

In the Windows 8 era, it seemed like the desktop might be dying out in favor of touchscreen interfaces. It will become increasingly difficult to tell whether the traditional desktop system will continue on Windows in the coming years. For now, however, there remains a valuable personal space that we can customize to our liking.

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