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Business Manager: What It Is And Why It Is So Important

This name will certainly not be new for those who manage Facebook pages or advertising accounts. In fact, for years now, the Business Manager has been the cornerstone tool for anyone who “works” with Facebook and has become indispensable for doing a series of activities. What is it in practice? And why is it important to know and know how to use it?

What Is The Business Manager

A management system, an umbrella, collects all the Facebook entities linked to a particular company, such as pages, advertising accounts, pixels, and catalogs. Thanks to the Business Manager, it is possible to bring together all our properties under the name of our brand, organize them, distribute the accesses and check the status of all the elements, who can view or use them, and with what privileges.

Each Business Manager has one or more administrators who can manage all the resources and the people associated with them, called employees, who have access to pages, advertising accounts, catalogs, etc., based on the roles given to them by the administrators. Generally, the Business Manager is created by the owner of the company who owns it or at least a stable and “high-level” figure (such as the marketing manager), precisely because, as an administrator, he has power over all related entities to the brand and is therefore responsible for it.

Business Manager?Why Use The

As mentioned, this tool is becoming essential to access a series of features such as the ability to create customized audiences to reach with ads, create a product catalog to use for Instagram shopping, and access advanced tools such as Business Lines or Groups with the origin of events, but not only; using the Business Manager also allows you to: Maintain and centralize ownership of your accounts even when other people (e.g., professionals or agencies) have to work on them. Eliminate access by individuals and agencies to all properties with a single click

How To Use The Business Manager?

In reality, it seems much more complicated than it is. It is enough to familiarize yourself with the interface to start orienting yourself among the various features. Once you have opened our BM, the first thing to do is to fill in the company information in the  Settings section of the Business Manager> Information, after which you can proceed with adding pages, advertising accounts, and Instagram accounts of our property.

Subsequently, we can invite the various members of our staff to be part of it, taking care to appoint at least one other administrator in case we have access problems in the future and making the various “dependent” collaborators, taking care to assign them to the various accounts that they must manage or monitor. The advice is to start using the Business Manager right away, which, as mentioned, is an essential tool for those who want to do serious marketing on Facebook and Instagram.

Facebook Business Manager: Focus On Ads

Facebook Ads with Facebook Business Manager does not involve substantial strategy changes compared to the standard advertising account. For this reason, the first piece of advice is valid for both tools: define the goal you want to achieve with your advertising campaign. To reach the target, you need to answer this simple question: “What do I expect users to do when they see my ad? “. Here are the four possible options you can choose from:

  1. advertisements aimed at new “likes” for the FB page: brand awareness and broad coverage in the target audience;
  2. Advertisements aimed at the Call to Action: App download, acquisition of personal data, etc.
  3. advertisements aimed at increasing visitors to the website: qualified traffic, interactions with contacts, messages, and comments;
  4. Advertisements aimed at purchases from the website: catalog sales, targeted traffic on the e-commerce page, etc.

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