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APIs: What They Are And Why They Are Important For Fintech

What are APIs? What’s more, why have they become critical for the fintech area? Here is a manual for the ideal device to make new administrations and action plans in the financial area. An API, or application programming interface, is a bunch of formalized orders that permit programming applications to speak with one another consistently and to use central administrations to make more client-driven ones.

While the idea isn’t precisely new (it was spearheaded by Salesforce in 2000), APIs have gradually become one of the fundamental empowering agents of advancement in the financial area and the center of open banking and Fintech, which has implied that many started to check them out. 

The achievement that the APIs are having is remarkable: since clients require an undeniably coordinated encounter in the utilization of uses, many organizations and banking establishments (particularly the more mechanical ones) are attempting to make their own and take advantage of them for their potential benefit to offer more serious help. This peculiarity energizing is additionally called the Programming interface economy.

Open Banking And APIs: Why They Matter

Precisely in open banking, APIs play a fundamental role: this is the process by which banks share customer data with third-party companies or apps securely and in real-time, through the opening of APIs, to create new innovative, useful and increasingly personalized services. For example, thanks to the banking API, customers can use their smartphones to pay in stores or see how much money they spend each month on groceries.

Banks benefit from this openness by becoming a platform for other services, and data sharing is good for business. This open API approach greatly reduces design and development cycles and increases speed to market, allowing you to refine the user experience and, at the same time, provide banks with advantages in terms of scalability and cloud costs.

APIs: How They Are Used

The APIs are used in many different ways. For example, Mastercard offers a wide range of solutions based on this technology to cover multiple aspects of payment solutions. Here’s what Mastercard can do using the API:

  1. allows the acceptance of payments for e-commerce,
  2. enable the money transfer service through multiple access channels,
  3. allows financial institutions to send and receive money transfers via the Western Union Agent Network,
  4. enable online payment by retrieving payment card information from a digital wallet in the MasterPass network.

Apple has provided APIs and SDKs to third-party developers to allow them to integrate Apple Pay into their apps and numerous payment systems, especially in the case of in-app purchases. But Fintech is not just about payments. As we have already mentioned, data is another of the many ways a banking API can open the door to generating business opportunities. One case where fintech data offers business possibilities via an API is Kontomatik, which provides a user authentication tool for any financial app and collects customer bank account data for processing and the presentation of contextual offers based on this information.

Software Development And The API Economy

The software has addressed and keeps on comprising one of the essential components in the advanced change process: the development of APIs is additionally founded on programming improvement. Application programming points of interaction uncover an application’s elements, which a designer can use to coordinate and interconnect another application and trade information. Utilizing the Programming interface improves the incorporation interaction, decreasing mistakes and saving programming time. 

This specialized importance of the Programming interface, comprehended as a bunch of libraries, code, conventions, devices, documentation, and details, with the dissemination of the Programming interface economy, is raised to a plan of action: in the situation of the Programming interface economy, an organization has the potential chance to expand its business channels and increment business, sharing, in a controlled way, a piece of its information, capabilities, administrations, through the openness of APIs delivered in the public mode for use by outsider organizations.

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