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Amazon Astro: What It Is, And What The New Home Robot Can Do

Amazon’s new all-rounder robot, designed for the smart home, was presented in September 2021 and is already available for the American market, albeit in a limited edition. It is not the first home robot on the market, but it is the one that could have the fastest success thanks to its many functions. The new handyman robot from Amazon is Astro, designed for the smart home. Presented in September 2021, it is already available for the American market, albeit limited. It is not the first home robot on the market, but it is the one that could have the fastest success thanks to its many functions.

What Is Astro, Amazon’s Home Robot?

Those who, like me, are passionate about Pixar cartoons cannot help but notice the resemblance to Wall-E, the robot protagonist of the film of the same name. However, Astro has a more attractive and modern design. He does not have two mechanical arms, but above all, instead of the tracks, he has regular wheels (which at least do not damage the parquet). 

What Can Astro, The Home Robot, Do?

Around fifty centimeters tall, weighing around 10 kg, Astro can move 360 ​​degrees on account of the two fundamental wheels with a breadth of 30 cm it is furnished with. An awkward extra person put in the back assists it with keeping up with the balance—in the examination, moving at a most excellent speed of one meter each second, moving flawlessly between objects. He can’t use the stairwell; however can stroll around the house, autonomously or on-demand, live or from a distance, staying away from individuals and creatures.

On account of the Intelligent Motion innovation, Astro can make a guide of the entire house. When the focus is made, it is feasible to give a name to each space to permit Astro to know where to go after, for instance, orders, for example, “go to the workplace” or “go to the room.” Astro could be shortsightedly characterized as an Alexa on wheels; however, it has something else. Its fundamental occupation is home reconnaissance. The robot can naturally watch a house and inform the proprietors on the off chance that it identifies something surprising. 

It is likewise upheld by the Ring Protect Pro assistance (by membership), which naturally calls for help if there should be an occurrence of utilization. Furnished with Alexa’s clever innovation, Astro reacts to voice orders and interfaces with individuals through a broad scope of elements assembled utilizing Amazon’s abilities. He can perceive faces and convey objects to a particular individual; he can play music, show the climate and answer inquiries to get the most recent news and climate data. Given the presence of cameras and a mouthpiece, Astro can likewise go about as a terminal for video calls, both approaching and active, utilizing the Alexa-viable remotely coordinating applications. 

Moreover, to guarantee the security of the home climate, it is conceivable 100% of the time to switch off the receivers, cameras, and LEDs, at specific times, utilizing a button as well as through the Astro application, it is feasible to set regions of the house as zones. It is illegal where the robot isn’t permitted to go. Lastly, on account of the way that on its screen, Astro can show two huge adapted eyes that respond to different conditions, changing articulation insightfully and entertainingly, the robot assumes the job of a pet, adorable and consoling, ready to stir natural compassion and trust.

Astro’s Technical Specifications

The robot is equipped with lithium batteries that can be recharged using the appropriate charging station. A full charge takes about 45 minutes and will guarantee 2 hours of movement. The charging station must be located in an easy-to-reach place in the house. And anyway, once placed, it cannot be moved without re-mapping the whole house again. The “face” of Astro is a 10-inch LCD touchscreen (an Echo Show 10 with a resolution of 1280 × 800 pixels), on which it shows two large stylized eyes that react to various circumstances, expressions that give it a “specific personality. “

The “Body” And The View

The body comprises of a plastic “box,” inside which is its “cerebrum,” or a Qualcomm chip, and five unique engines: one for each driving wheel, one to raise and lower the periscope camera with which it is given, and one more to curve and shift the presentation (one’s face). A coordinated 5-megapixel camera framework permits him to avoid snags around the house. A periscope camera on the upper piece of the showcase (1 Mp and slanting field of perspective on 132 °) can grow the image and look at what occurs past the robot’s tallness. The most excellent augmentation of the periscope camera is 42 inches (12 meters) from the beginning.

Astro is outfitted with WiFi and Bluetooth network and a 15W USB-C port planned essentially to have the option to associate different embellishments. Furthermore, it has two front-spreading 55mm full-range speakers and a detached bass radiator. In the back piece of the robot, there is likewise an article holder which, in Amazon’s vision, will want to fill different roles (among the easiest and most accessible ones there is the vehicle of items starting with one room then onto the next ) that can be adjusted with the adornments advertised. 

Outsider makers, for example, Omron’s pulse screen or Furbo Dog Camera, toss treats at the pet (connector required). At last, the robot is outfitted with a progression of sensors that permit it to identify developments and perceive clear sounds and commotions: for instance, the breaking of a window, a canine yelping, a youngster shouting. In light of the perceived sound, it will be feasible to set Astro’s activity. To make Astro work and cooperate with the robot during its activity, you want to record on Amazon.com and utilize the Astro application accessible for iOS 13+ or Android 8+.

When Will The Amazon Astro Robot Be Available? How Much?

The robot is currently only intended for the US market. At the time of writing, it is produced in small batches and is available to a small number of buyers living in the United States who will participate in the test by invitation. The price is $ 999.99, which is reasonable given the amount of technology it contains. After the beta phase, the price is expected to rise to $ 1,449.99.


In short, Astro is a sort of “robotic companion,” equipped with Alexa functionality and designed to also be empathetic through curious “facial expressions” shown on display. Its task, thanks to artificial intelligence and a high calculation capacity, is to map the home environment and perform specific tasks (search and transport small objects, check if someone has entered the house or keep an eye on pets., Communicate on video with other people), responding to voice commands. If controlled remotely, Astro patrols the house, guaranteeing tranquility and safety for the owners.

It can control specific rooms, people, or things in the kitchen or bedrooms. By lifting the camera, he can check if the gas has been left on or light on, look out the window, or search for a document on the table. It can detect an unrecognized person or certain sounds, sending alerts and notifications to the apartment owners. Astro also allows you to remotely take care of aging loved ones, helping them live independently by setting reminders, alarms, and timers, managing to-do lists and delivering calls and messages.

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