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5G: What Will Change For Users?

In the constant concern of adapting to the ever-increasing needs of users, several innovative and efficient solutions have emerged in the mobile telephony sector. Thus, 5G is gradually being put in place, and mobile telephone operators are working to ensure the effectiveness of this technology. Here are the essentials to know about 5G and the changes it will bring in the daily lives of the users.

What Is 5G?

The first generation of the mobile network made it possible to make calls, and the second made it possible to send SMS. The third generation has paved the way for mobile internet, while the fourth has made it faster. Corresponding to the fifth generation of mobile networks,  5G  is a technology that takes the internet to a new dimension. 

It is based on new frequencies and makes it possible to respond to the explosion in mobile traffic, especially in large cities. Indeed, the launch of this new generation of mobile telephony will help relieve congestion in the 4G network, which is already in the throes of saturation. The average consumption of data per user continues to climb, and within a few years, 4G will no longer be able to respond effectively to everyone’s demand.

For this reason, 5G will use frequencies in the 3.5 GHz band first before moving to the 26 GHz band later. The deployment of 5G will improve existing services and facilitate the development of those created. 5G is therefore replacing 4G and will offer performance never before achieved in the past.

Concretely, What Will 5G Bring To The Habits Of Users?

5G will have a significant impact on improving everyone’s daily life in terms of mobile communication. The potential of connected objects will be fully exploited, and, in all areas, there will be a revolution. The advantage of 5G lies in the increase in throughput, the reduction in latency, and ultra connectivity even in high traffic areas.

The Flow

Compared to 4G, the speed of 5G will allow you to have ultra-fast internet connection speeds. This speed will be ten times faster than what is observed with 4G, which displays a theoretical maximum downlink speed of 196 Mbit / s (1800 MHz frequency), while 5G (at 3.5 GHz frequency) allows up to 2 Gbit / s (association of 4G and 5G frequencies in the areas covered) and reach 300 Mb / s in transmission. Thus, downloads of heavy files will be high-speed, and streaming or online games will be smooth.


5G will also allow more responsiveness by reducing latency, which corresponds to the reaction time between the moment an order is placed and the moment it is reflected on the screen. Indeed, soon, constant and almost immediate exchanges will be essential for the development of new uses. With 5G, the response time will therefore drop from 10 to 1 millisecond, and the interactivity of services will be optimized.


Also, with 5G, even in high traffic areas, network performance will not be affected. Thanks to its connectivity, there will be a greater density of devices connected per square kilometer. The thickness will be multiplied by 10, and 5G will support 1 million devices per square kilometer. 5G, which is qualified as the “generation of the Internet of Things,” will therefore be able to support the multitude of objects that will be connected.

How To Have 5G?

Very gradually,  5G infrastructures are being put in place, and the leading telephone operators in France are already announcing 5G package offers. To benefit from it, you must first live in a city covered by 5G because the offer is currently only available in certain cities. 

Then it would help if you had a  5G compatible smartphone. Indeed, just as was the case with the switch to 4G, it will be necessary to acquire a mobile phone supporting 5G. Finally, you will have to subscribe to one of the 5G package offers of the mobile networks to benefit from it.

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