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5 Tips For Choosing A Smartphone

Quality camera, process speed, long-lasting battery, and reasonable price are the requirements we usually look for when buying a smartphone. Contrary to what one might imagine, these elements can also be found in non-high-end devices. The most expensive smartphone is only sometimes the best solution. Currently, the mobile phone market is highly varied: models start from €90 to over €1,500. What changes from one model to another, and how do you choose a smartphone that meets all your needs without spending too much? Let’s look at 5 key points to remember if you want to retire your old mobile phone.

Budget Sets

Obviously, before starting your research, identify a potential price range. We could find a wide range of models on the market that we could divide into three groups: high, medium, and low. However, the boundaries between one group and another are not rigid, and this means that models are placed in the middle because they are characterized by a low price but great performance and vice versa. Knowing how much you want to spend on purchasing a new smartphone will immediately help you narrow the field, considering that the economic gap between a high- and mid-range model can reach €300 or more.

Evaluate The Type Of Processor

Let’s move on to a more technical step, but this is more important for this: your smartphone’s processor. During the selection process, aesthetic or usability variables are often considered, but fundamental elements are left out only because one needs more technical knowledge. The processor (CPU or SoC) is nothing more than the heart or brain of the device; that is, it determines the power of your smartphone. To have a mobile phone with maximum performance, buy a smartphone with a powerful CPU, such as, for example, a quad-core model.

Evaluate The Internal Storage Capacity

Another technical specification: is memory. Evaluate this point carefully, especially if you don’t want to replace your smartphone before two years of purchase. When we talk about RAM, we refer to the phone’s ability to run applications and processes simultaneously: the more memory, the better the quality of the smartphone will be. If you want high performance in this sense, consider models with at least 4GB of RAM in the case of Android and between 1 and 2GB of RAM if we’re talking about iPhones. 

Consider Camera Quality

For many, the camera is the element that makes the difference between a high-quality smartphone and not. First of all, let’s start by saying that megapixels are important, but they are not the only feature to consider when evaluating the performance of a camera. It is much more important to pay attention to the lens’s aperture, which is the element that allows light to enter. If the focal ratio is f/2.0 or lower, then you will be able to take good photos even in the absence of good lighting.

If you particularly love selfies or group photos, you cannot fail to evaluate the quality of the front camera: a good wide angle ensures wide photographs in which none of your friends will be cut off. In addition to the quality of the camera, it is good to consider other aspects fundamental to being able to take good photos, such as the stability of the device, to avoid blurry photos or elements such as autofocus, the ability to shoot video in slow motion or the option to customize camera settings.

Remember To Consider Battery Life

Running out of battery isn’t pleasant at all: the smartphone is an essential accessory that has changed how we communicate and some aspects of daily life. Notifications and various applications put our smartphones to the test, which is why a fundamental element that determines the quality of the new mobile phone is the battery power. As with all the other elements considered so far, battery life goes hand in hand with the range to which the smartphone belongs. 

About this feature, two aspects must be taken into consideration: on the one hand, the autonomy, which depends not only on the size of the battery, and on the other, the type of software installed on the device. We advise you not to opt for models with less than 2,000 mAh (milliampere-hours) if you want your smartphone to last at least a full working day. There are many other features to consider when buying a new smartphone, such as the size of the display, the fingerprint sensor, the type of recharge, the type of operating system (IOS or Android?), etc. In short, the best smartphone results from the union between structural elements and needs that vary from one user to another.

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