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10 Snapchat Hacks That Marketers Should Know

The app with a ghost face doesn’t have to hide behind the competition in terms of functionality. After all, Snapchat gave its big siblings Facebook and Instagram a variety of food for thought for different functions. Not only do private users benefit from the countless options. Even marketers can use one or the other hidden part to discover the undreamt-of potential in their social media strategy. This article will introduce you to ten different tricks that you can use to enrich your Snapchat marketing positively.

Use Multiple Filters At The Same Time

Snapchat offers a huge selection of filters that you can use to create a colorful look or add 3D effects, locations, and stickers to an image or video. However, you do not have to choose a filter. You can stack several on top of each other. For example, if you want to enhance the color of your Snap and use a geofilter at the same time, you can easily use the layer function. To do this, select an initial filter by swiping left or right on your Snap. Then click on the stack icon in the left half of the screen. The first filter is now fixed, and you can directly add up to three filters to your Snap.

Secure Your Account With 2-Factor Authentication

If you use Snapchat as a company, the security of your account is a top priority. To protect yourself against attacks on your profile, you should use the option of 2-factor authentication. You will then be notified whenever someone tries to log into your account. In addition, every login requires confirmation from you, which is why you are simply making it impossible for hackers to log into your account.

To activate the login confirmation, go to Account Settings> 2-Factor Confirmation. You can choose between the options

  1. SMS and
  2. Authentication app

Select to set up the login confirmation.

Snapchat Hidden Functions: Use Emoji As A Color Filter

Do you have a clear idea of ​​how you would like to edit your Snap, but the right color filter is not available? Then give an emoji a try. That’s right: you can use emojis to superimpose color filters on your images. To do this, select a suitable emoji and drag it to a corner of the screen. Now enlarge the emoji by pulling it apart with two fingers – the edge of the emoji will eventually become transparent and cover your Snap like a color filter. For our example, we chose the purple heart emoji.

Switch To Travel Mode To Save Data

The constant downloading of Snaps consumes a huge amount of data and battery. The travel mode, therefore, offers an exciting opportunity to turn off the automatic download. The function is helpful for marketers because they can set it so that snaps are only downloaded in the office WLAN, for example. As soon as you are out and about, you can switch to travel mode and save data and battery power. To do this, go to the profile setting> “More options”> “Settings” and activate the data-saving mode.

Add Links To Snap

Just like Instagram, Snapchat can add links to your snaps. For example, if you introduce an event or a new product in a Snap Story, you can forward your community directly with a link. To do this, click on the paper clip icon and enter the URL. Now select “Attach to Snap.” The link will be added to your Snap as a clickable button. Also, to get high engagement, include a call-to-action that brings your community to click.

Use Snapcodes On The Website – Increase Reach

Snapcodes are an excellent way to draw attention to your Snapchat profile outside of the app and generate new followers. You can integrate the Snapcode on your website, insert it into company presentations or hang it up at your exhibition stand. If a person scans the code, they will go straight to your Snapchat profile.

However, you also have the option of creating Snapchats that link to your website. To generate such a new Snapcode, go to Profile Settings> Snapcodes. Now click “Create Snapcode” and select a graphic (ideally your logo) and the URL to which the Snapcode should redirect.

Snapchat GIF Hacks – “Create My Cameo” Function

Gifs and stickers are a great way to personalize your pictures or videos. How handy would a feature be that allows you to create your GIFs easily? Snapchat offers this option directly in the app. To do this, go to the GIFs and click on the faces icon. You can now create what is known as a cameo. To do this, take a selfie. Your face will then be superimposed on a series of GIFs that you can now use in your stories.  Additional tip: You can also create your stickers by clicking on the scissors icon. Take a snap, frame the area used for the sticker, and design your photos with the selected element.

Collect Trophies – How Do You Get Points Faster On Snapchat?

Snapchat uses a gamification approach in its app to reward the commitment of its users. The score does not provide any real advantages, but it is part of the app experience. The score gives you different trophies with different actions. By clicking on your profile, you can see your Snap-Score under your profile picture.

You will receive points for every Snap sent and every Snap received. For marketers, the score is also a reference for activity on the social media platform. To get as many points as possible, the following applies: Be active! Send Snaps to your community and make sure you get as many Snaps back. This not only increases your Snap Score but also strengthens the bond with the district.

What Does The Yellow Dot On Snapchat Mean?

A new feature that Snapchat only recently introduced is the yellow dot on the profile picture. But what does it mean? If the yellow dot appears on your profile picture, this is a notification. However, the types of messages are very different. By tapping the point, you can find out, for example, how often your stories have been viewed, you will receive friend suggestions and much more information.

Design Your Lenses And Filters With Lens Studio

Seventy-five percent of the Snapchat community uses augmented reality elements to communicate on the platform. So it is high time you design your filters and introduce them to the community. With the Lens Studio from Snapchat, there are countless possibilities to create your AR lenses, filters, and other animations. Submit your designs and score with first-class creativity.

Conclusion: Leverage Snapchat Marketing Through Hidden Functions

Snapchat offers a variety of innovative features that you can use to personalize your snaps. The applications are not always immediately apparent or intuitive. At the same time, however, partially hidden functions have the advantage that you are one step ahead of the competition and can prove to the community that you understand social media marketing.

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