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Working In Logistics: The Most Requested Figures And Skills?

Logistics is today one of the fastest-growing business environments and has the potential to create jobs and different professional skills. In this article, we will explore, together, what are the most requested figures in this field and which skills are considered indispensable. In this way, anyone will have a complete vision of this working environment, and understanding its immense potential will be more straightforward and intuitive.

What Are The Most Requested Job Profiles In Modern Logistics?

Let’s start by dealing with the most requested professionals in the sector. Although it is not easy to make a ranking, it is important to highlight which professionals are most sought after in the world of logistics today.

Warehouse Manager

Figures with the leadership and skills necessary to supervise and plan warehouse activities are among today’s most sought-after. This is also given the new green regulations and attention to avoiding waste. Those with space optimization skills and the ability to make work more efficient within the warehouse environment are among the most in-demand figures ever. This figure is responsible for the following:

  1. Direct.
  2. To coordinate.
  3. Supervises.

All activities relating to the procurement, replenishment, storage and distribution of materials and products.

Traffic Manager

This figure must be able to distribute the transports by assigning them to the drivers. In the future, this type of professional will be more critical and, above all, in anticipation of the logistic efficiency of transport, which will increasingly have to rely on interoperability between different sectors, space sharing and precision in deliveries to avoid waste and high costs. The traffic manager has always been a leading figure in logistics. Still, today, thanks to the implementation of supply chains and digital and intelligent solutions, he is acquiring new skills to be exploited to enter the sector.

Chauffeurs And Drivers

Chauffeurs and drivers remain the backbone of logistics today, yet, there are fewer hauliers on the national territory. With the sector’s evolution, with attention to environmental issues and the urgent need to move goods, this professionalism is undoubtedly among the most in demand.

Supply Chain Manager

The person responsible for organizing and managing every single activity in the supply chain is among the most sought-after qualified professionals. What is sought from a professional figure of this type is the integration of operations at the level of material and information flows starting from:

  1. Providers.
  2. Production centers.
  3. Logistics operators.
  4. Stores.
  5. End customers.

What Are The Skills Required In The Logistics Sector?

The skills required to work in this sector are many and can range in many areas. However, some skills are more appreciated than others, such as the ability to work towards objectives and organizational skills. It is essential in the logistics sector to have an organized mind, capable of understanding what actions to carry out based on actual priorities. Planning is fundamental for structuring work during its peaks and keeping every single gear efficient throughout the process and at any time. The ability to work in a team is also required in the supply chain. Although it is helpful in any sector, in logistics, it is really of fundamental importance to know how to work in agreement with each department.

Working In The Logistics Sector: An Overview

As we have seen, a mathematical approach to life and continuous training in the field of technology are the basis that distinguishes anyone who wants to enter and work in an environment that is being renewed day after day and which we at IT Resources hope will become increasingly green and efficient. The work is mainly required at any level of expertise, above all due to the exponential explosion of e-commerce, and this is a real advantage for those who want to enter the market.

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