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WordPress Or Wix? Which System Is Recommended For Your Site

The construction of a site is now mandatory for entrepreneurs who want to start the movement and digital presence. An image site for the company or a shop site for the owners of a physical store constitutes a business card in which you can present the company and its business. There are some efficient ways to build your first site, even without the help of a programmer or designer. Today, we will explain the differences between WordPress, the most popular site-building platform in the world, and Wix, the platform for building Israeli sites.

Prices And Cost Of The Package

Choosing the platform on which you will build your site is a significant factor in the cost of building your site. The total site development and construction costs depend on the nature of the company and its needs and, obviously, on the platform choice.

Price At Wix:

There is a free site builder in the Wix system, but it has 2 main disadvantages: first, in the free use of the system, the advertisements in the name of Wix will be displayed at the top of our site. Second, when choosing to work with the free site builder, attaching a domain to our new site is impossible, and the site address will be under the Wix subdomain. Also, the Wix core program doesn’t allow us to perform basic operations critical to our site, for example: connect the Google Analytics tool, add-ons from the add-on store, turn the site into an e-commerce site, etc. 

To connect tools to the site and work without advertising from the company, we will have to purchase a Premium subscription. Each Premium program in Wix has different storage and traffic limitations; you can pay a monthly or yearly fee. Wix offers a few programs that can be purchased to use the system to the fullest and ad-free. The cheapest program is Unlimited and costs around 15 euros per month, including VAT. If you have to build a shop site, it is recommended to choose a program for small businesses and e-commerce (VIP program); the presented price does not include other add-ons that you can buy in the add-on shop.

Prices In WordPress:

WordPress is an open-source system, which makes it free for its users. While the builder is free when we want to use it to build a site, we have to pay for the storage and domain and connect them to the WordPress system. There are several site archiving providers where you can archive WordPress sites; Cloudways is a leader in this area.

The cost of the site builder in WordPress increases if you purchase premium templates or add-ons from the store. However, there are thousands of templates and tens of thousands of free add-ons for our unlimited use, and you can use them to reduce your costs. WordPress comes with full built-in e-commerce support, and with the help of the WooCommerce add-on, you can turn your WordPress site into a shop site in one click. Also, if you use a site builder or programmer, there is a cost to pay for it, but the site level will be much higher than if you build it yourself.

Ease And Convenience Of The Interface

Most people who want to build their site will choose one of these platforms, WordPress or Wix, as in these site building systems, it is possible to build a site without technical knowledge and without hiring a site designer. Let’s check which system it is easier to build a site without knowledge in the field of programming.

Building A Site In Wix:

A quality tool for site building can be found in the Wix system since Wix is ​​a Drag & Drop system where you can drag and drop elements and widgets during construction, comfortably arrange your site, add and edit pages of the site, write content, add media, and more, all in an easy-to-use environment that makes Wix very popular with many beginners.

Building A Site In WordPress:

In the WordPress system, you can easily build your site with a builder named Gutenberg, with which you can sort existing elements however you are comfortable with a format that looks good and allows you to see real-time changes in the ‘preview. Also, in the WordPress system, it is possible to download additional builders from the add-on store that help build the site. For example, you can use Elementor to build a site at the highest level without code.

Site Look And Feel With Templates And Designs

The design of the site and its external appearance are important parameters in the building process, as it is necessary to build a site with a quality user experience, clear, easy to use, and comfortable sites that don’t look good – they convert less.

Site Design In Wix:

Wix comes with more than 900 ready templates to choose from; you can modify existing templates and order them with the help of tools within the system to fit them more precisely to the site we want to build. You can choose templates according to categories: business, e-commerce, tourism, art, and many more. The main drawback to designing a site in Wix is ​​that once you’ve chosen a template and started building your site, it can’t be changed.

WordPress Site Design:

The WordPress system has tens of thousands of free and paid templates. Paid models generally have more features and better support options than free models. Most WordPress themes and templates arrive flexible, and adapting them according to our needs is possible. Also, since WordPress is an open-source system, we can pay a developer to modify the templates per the site building needs. Unlike Wix, you can change your chosen design template anytime in WordPress.

Add-ons And Applications:​

A system add-on is an extension of the system’s capabilities by a third party to add additional functionality to the platform we work on. In Wix, they are called applications; in WordPress, they are called add-ons. Here we will compare the add-ons available on the 2 platforms.

Wix Add-Ons:

More than 200 add-ons in the Wix system can be downloaded and connected to the site. Among the stand-out ones that are a must on any site can be found: add-ons for a contact form, reviews, social network connection, email marketing, and more. Most of the apps in Wix are muted versions of paid apps.

WordPress Add-Ons:

In the WordPress system, there are more than 60,000 free add-ons available under the Add-ons tab, not including thousands more found on other sites that sell WordPress add-ons. Whatever your vision regarding how a site works, its look, or a certain functionality, there’s a good chance that a WordPress add-on already exists for you. The possibilities of WordPress add-ons allow anyone to build exactly the site they want. Here you will find the most needed recommended WordPress add-ons.

Promoting The Site Organically

Promoting a site is a significant part of the near and distant future of the site you have built. Whether you’ve built an image site for your company or a product store site, your main goal is to reach as many relevant people as possible to the product or service you provide. We will immediately examine which platform will be most convenient for us to promote our site.

Organic Promotion In Wix:

One of the main areas for improvement of the Wix system is organic promotion; the system itself is closed source, which makes it more problematic from an organic promotion point of view. It is impossible to add tracking tags in template editing like in WordPress, as they are integrated using code, but using the IFrame add-on for code integration is possible. Wix’s site loading speed also needs to improve. The system has an integrated SEO add-on called Seo Wiz that helps perform system optimization on the spot. SEO Wiz resembles the Yoast SEO management panel, but they have significant level differences.

Organic Promotion In WordPress:

WordPress is a very easy-to-use system for promoting sites organically. The system itself is built in the style of Seo Friendly with many built-in possibilities to make your site accessible to search engines in general and Google search engines in particular. However, to perform quality organic promotion, we must install the Yoast Seo add-on and learn how to use it to promote the site.

Building A Store Site

The e-commerce industry has become widespread on the Internet. Alongside the trading giants eBay and Amazon, many business owners and entrepreneurs want to open their private online shops. We went to check which platform to build a shop site on.

Wix Store:

Wix’s basic program users cannot open an e-commerce site; the possibility is only available in Premium accounts. In a shop on Wix, you can receive payments with the company’s In-House payment system or install applications to use other means of payment. Installing other add-ons makes it possible to carry out shop marketing, but there is a feature limitation in the Wix platform that prevents users from building a perfect shop.

Store In WordPress:

Using WordPress, it is possible to build a great store. WooCommerce is the most popular commerce platform in the world. In the WordPress system, in addition to physical products, it is also possible to sell digital products, courses, monthly subscriptions, and more. In the system, you will find high-level inventory management, a simple and convenient interface for managing the store’s site, and some means of payment. In addition to the WooCommerce add-on, it is possible to install additional add-ons that will significantly improve the look of your store and its functioning.

Technical Assistance And Customer Service

Technical assistance is a rare commodity in any industry on the Internet, particularly in an industry as complex as building sites. WordPress and Wix are very complex systems with unlimited building possibilities, so where can you find customer service when using those systems?

Technical Support At Wix:

Wix is ​​an Israeli company that provides customer service in English (as it is international). At Wix, you can get help and answers in several ways: by opening a help request directly to service representatives via email, scheduling a phone call with a technical assistant on behalf of Wix, and posting questions in the system forum. You will likely be able to receive an answer and assistance also in Italian.

WordPress Technical Support:

Technical support here is done using guides on the Internet or paid to a programmer; if you install a paid add-on or template from another company, this one, who developed them, will support them. Here the cost of WordPress is higher. But if you have someone responsible for the site, its cost will be much lower in the long run.

In Conclusion

As concluded from the article you read, it is impossible to compare the two platforms. Pricing in Wix is ​​the payment per package, whereas, in WordPress, you pay separately for storage which gives flexibility in the platform. In organic promotion capabilities, WordPress surpasses Wix in every way, and in building an ecommerce site, the WordPress WooCommerce add-on allows you to build the perfect store. The only area where Wix is ​​better than WordPress is support, and even here, if you have a technical person responsible for the long-term management of the site, you will save a lot of money.

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