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What Remarketing Is, How It’s Done And Why It Works

Digital marketing is structured on targeted strategies and actions aimed explicitly at packaging messages, communications, and offers defined based on the individual user and customized on the preferences of each one. Among the many web marketing resources available to professionals, one of the most influential and specific is represented by remarketing – or retargeting – a decidedly functional marketing approach since it allows to identify and involve excellently targeted audiences with the activities and products of the brand. How does remarketing work, and why is it so practical?

What Is Marketing?

Marketing can be defined as analyzing consumer needs and all the means of action used by organizations to influence their behavior. It creates value perceived by customers and adapts the company’s commercial offer to consumers’ desires. Marketing is a decision-making aid. It makes it possible to define the optimal combination (mix) of product characteristics to meet these consumer expectations in the most profitable way possible. Finally, it promotes the control of results about the initial objectives.

Remarketing: What It Is

Remarketing is an online promotion method that exposes users to an advertisement offered only to a target of potential customers interested in the product offered. With retargeting, it is possible to know the tastes and interests of the public thanks to the browsing experiences of the latter when a search or a purchase path does not end positively.

Remarketing With An Example

Have you ever searched for something on the internet and, from that moment on, constantly received advertisements regarding your searches? That’s remarketing. Suppose we search Google for “Hotels in Rome”: we explore a couple of sites, we view the offers, but no proposal convinces us; so we turn off the PC or change activities. In the following hours, from the spots on YouTube to the promotional banners, each advertisement received has to do with offers from hotels near Rome. This happens precisely as a result of retargeting actions.

How Remarketing Technically Works

Remarketing works thanks to the use of user navigation cookies. These are small text files stored on our browser when we access a site and perform operations on that platform. We leave a trace on the web during our navigation, which marketers can exploit to send ad hoc advertising based on our preferences highlighted through our online behavior.

Static Remarketing And Dynamic Remarketing

Not all remarketing campaigns are the same. In particular, we can talk about two types of movements: static remarketing and dynamic remarketing—the former consists of standard ad groups displayed to clusters of users sharing specific interests or characteristics. On the other hand, the latter are personalized ads that are dynamically created about the online behavior of each user.

Strengths Of Remarketing

Retargeting is an excellent solution for web marketers. The real strength of remarketing lies in its specificity. It allows you to package messages and commercial proposals developed based on preferences and interests already expressed by users and, consequently, will enable you to maximize the advertising investment. 

With remarketing, we do not aim to speak to the multitude but only to target users who have shown a substantial interest in the products offered. With remarketing, moreover, it is possible to carry out the reminder activity, reintroducing users into the purchase process who, for some reason, despite having shown their intention to buy, have not materialized it.

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