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The Challenge And Potential Of Digital Administration

The public sector is characterized by being in the service of the state or another public body. These can be divided into three levels:

  1. federal level  
  2. state level  
  3. municipal level

Digitization holds numerous potentials for the public sector. In addition to developing target group-specific offers, digital administration can simplify work processes, save resources and achieve state goals more effectively. In addition, digital transformation increases the attractiveness of administration and ensures that employees are relieved of monotonous tasks. In addition to numerous opportunities, there are challenges for the state and its administration. Specialist procedures that have grown over time must be modernized, IT operations consolidated, and e-files introduced. The e-file enables the digital, legally secure, legally compliant documentation of decision-making processes.

In addition, the Online Access Act stipulates that these portals must be linked to form a portal network. Especially during the Corona pandemic, it became apparent that well-functioning and secure eGovernment – the digital handling of business processes in public administration – is extremely important because numerous authorities were closed to the public for weeks. The technological development and the integration of e-government will also lead to a significant acceleration dynamic because numerous potentials have yet to be used.

Possible Application Scenarios Of Digital Administration

Mobile Citizen Services

With the help of a citizen service app, citizens are provided with helpful information and can book appointments online – in addition, the complete processing of requests is possible. Processes are efficiently processed digitally, from news and advice to receiving the application through to payment and transmission of the documents. In addition, questions can be submitted and clarified via chat or chatbot. Not only do employees have more time for the essentials, but the citizens also benefit from better accessibility and no longer have to wait long.

Mobile Construction Project Monitoring 

Various service providers and parties are involved in large-scale construction projects or refurbishment measures. Numerous details have to be taken into account. Mobile construction project monitoring helps ensure optimal project coordination and documentation. Processes, orders, and documentation can be recorded digitally using various media and replace manual entry. Schedules, budgets, and tradesman offers are created and archived digitally. Mobile construction project monitoring makes all information available regardless of location, enabling successful and efficient implementation.

Mobile Facility Management 

With a facility management app, maintenance, inspections, and repairs are implemented more efficiently. All orders and documentation can be recorded digitally, transmitted, and then further processed, which means that a high degree of automation can be achieved and processes can be simplified. All information can be viewed and edited from anywhere, so buildings are optimally managed. A mobile solution reduces administrative effort by digitally recording facility management activities and automatically triggering all other processes.

Citizen App 

Potentials can be used with a citizen app to submit ideas to the city via their smartphone – with a photo and location transmission, message, or video. After submitting an idea or a suggestion for improvement, citizens receive a notification about the status of their request and whether it will be implemented.

Intelligent Infrastructure 

Artificial intelligence and IoT enable predictive maintenance, which uses sensors to identify and eliminate faults and maintenance requirements early without causing significant damage. The city’s maintenance teams only need to complete the jobs displayed on the mobile device, ensuring a more efficient process and reducing costs. In addition, with the help of mobile devices, damage to roads, lamps, or buildings can be transmitted concisely with photos, videos, and GPS data, or repair measures can be documented.

Advantages Of Digital Administration

  1. Digitization, optimization of existing core processes and specialist procedures, automation 
  2. Better accessibility  and direct communication 
  3. Mobile online access to management platforms 
  4. relief for employees 
  5. Increased efficiency, and simplification through technology 
  6. Added value through additional services 
  7. cost reduction 
  8. Digital regulation, implementation of digital legal requirements 
  9. Education and employment, onboarding app 
  10. Intelligent cities, creating transparency 
  11. Organization of central and local authorities  
  12. Improving the performance of the public sector 
  13. Attractive, target group-oriented user guidance through UI/UX expertise 

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