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The Advantages Of A Biometric Recognition System

Biometric technologies are currently worth four billion dollars worldwide. Long used by government agencies, multinationals, banks, and hospitals, their use is also employed in sectors such as commercial, financial, and national security. 

An example of the use of biometric technologies is facial detection to unlock some smartphone models or the ability to access your current account with your fingerprint.  The distribution sector can also benefit significantly from biometric data collection. In fact, through intelligent cameras, a shop is able to better define its target by recognizing age and gender so as to personalize the offer and the shopping experience as much as possible.


The world of cybersecurity has long been wondering how it can definitely do without passwords and move on to the use of authentication systems that simultaneously satisfy the needs of user convenience and the security needs required by IT administrators. Onerous administration costs, difficulties in guaranteeing security, and management perceived as inconvenient and cumbersome by users push companies and professionals to accelerate the race towards more efficient and secure recognition systems. 

You, therefore, incur lower costs for better security than using passwords. Faced with the increase in cyber threats and increasingly sophisticated and frequent cyber attacks, traditional digital identification methods such as User IDs and passwords show their inadequacy in protecting sensitive information and personal data. Moreover, as confirmed by the Cyber ​​Risk Index (Content available in English) drawn up by Trend Micro, one in three organizations suffered at least seven breaches in 2022. 

Added to this is the spike in scams, attempted data breaches, and phishing, which happen continuously; in fact, according to a survey conducted by Capterra in August 2022, 19% of those interviewed declared they had been victims of hacking in the last ten years. In this scenario, companies, banks, public administrations, and governments consider it a priority to invest in cybersecurity and adopt, among others, advanced facial recognition software that improves IT security and online data protection.

Precisely thanks to technological evolution, today we are experimenting with systems for identification and access to data that are more reliable and, at the same time, more convenient and faster for the user. Among these systems, biometrics, based on the recognition of unique biological characteristics such as fingerprints or the iris, is rapidly establishing itself as the most secure means of authentication, opening up scenarios and business opportunities yet to be discovered.


To limit the margin of error and have a high level of precision, biometric recognition systems use macro-elements combined with micro-elements. Although iris and fingerprints are the most used characteristics, among the macro-elements, we also find the shape of the mouth, the size of the nose, ears, and facial bone structure. 

The micro-elements are, instead, for example, the ramifications of the veins or the distance between one eye and the other. Systems capable of detecting body odors and a person’s posture are also being developed. On account of the expanded utilization of biometric boundaries, clients will presently not be compelled to recollect muddled passwords or convey irritating extra tokens with them: their entrance keys will constantly be accessible, in a real sense, readily available.

Biometrics establish a person’s identity, while IDs and passwords only ensure that an individual has the information to access an account, service, or system without showing who owns that information. In the case of a biometric recognition system, a direct interaction is, in fact, necessary between the person requesting authorization and the security system, thus guaranteeing a very high level of security and accuracy.

Ease Of Use

A biometric recognition system can make your life easier. Imagine all the times you forgot your passwords. Unnerving, right? Don’t worry. It happens to everyone, just as everyone is unable to memorize all the security keys or ignores them in emergencies. With a biometric recognition system, you always have your security credentials at hand, so there’s no need to worry about memorizing strange alphabets, numbers, and symbols needed to create a complex password. This is a simple-to-use security solution.

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