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Social Local Marketing: Essential Tool For Finding Customers Near You

Find out on the PMI blog how to use Social Local Marketing and social networks to find new customers in your area and promote your business. Social media has quickly become one of the most popular aspects of online marketing. Nearly all brands now know how important it is to use TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other platforms to reach potential customers and partners. After all, social media platforms are free to use and ideally have paid advertising options formulated specifically for those who want to get an even wider audience.

However, while social is important, your brand/business doesn’t need to be everywhere. Indeed, it is essential to choose and cultivate those platforms that work best for your local company to avoid the risk of having to manage too many profiles with approximate results. Suppose you want to create a successful strategy in this sense. In that case, it is therefore essential to know how each social network works and identify the audience you want to reach and which platform that specific target prefers.

Social media marketing is one of the most convenient means (registration on these platforms is free). But, of course, if you choose to do paid listings, you need to know what to expect. What you need to know is that Facebook & co. they can have a significant ROI if you know how to leverage them. This is why, in general, it is advisable to rely on a professional who knows every aspect of social platforms and knows how to make the most of the money invested.

Social Local Marketing, What To Do

For best results, it’s essential to plan. But what needs to be done to find new customers through local social marketing? Let’s start with the basics.

  1. Know Your Audience: Start by determining who your customers are. Dig into purchase history, identify standard demographics, and build customer lists to draw from.
  2. Choose the right platform – don’t try to be everywhere. Choose two or three social channels to focus on (which ones depend on your business and audience). For example, Instagram has a much younger audience than Facebook.
  3. Leverage Your Niche: A fashion brand’s social media presence will be very different from a home delivery bakery strategy.
  4. Research your competition: Knowing who is doing what on which social media channels can help you find gaps in the market. See what your competitors are doing well, what they are not doing well, and what is getting the most attention from users.

Small Business Social Media Strategy

Once you’ve established the basics (which platforms to focus on and who to target), you can define your social media strategy. This will guide your efforts and help you build a social presence that fits your business and impresses your shoppers.

Set goals

Think about what you want to achieve with your social strategy – are you hoping to gain better brand awareness, generate more leads, or build a community of followers? Once you’ve decided on your overall goals, break them into more manageable goals. Use specific numbers and timelines, such as “reach 10,000 Instagram followers in the next six months” or “increase Facebook engagement by 5% every month.”

Set Up A Social Media Calendar

Define what you mean and how often you want to do it to ensure your strategy is consistent. Using a social media calendar can help you plan holidays and special events and make sure your entire team is on the same page. It also provides an overview of what will happen and when it will happen and focuses on your strategy. If your budget is tight, a simple Excel spreadsheet works well for mapping the dates and times you will post.

Check Out Social Media

If you already have social channels, take a look at your top-performing posts and determine who your most engaged followers are. Look for models in the content that gets the most likes, shares, and comments and try to share more.

Social Media Tips For Finding Customers In Your Area

To find new customers in your area, following the proper social local marketing tips is essential. These are the points to consider:

  1. Take advantage of hashtags.
  2. Use strong images
  3. Indicate your location
  4. Post-user-generated content
  5. Interact with your audience
  6. Use social features
  7. Mix your content
  8. Constantly tweak and optimize

Take Advantage Of Hashtags

There are plenty of small business hashtags to take advantage of. It’s all about finding the ones that work well for your brand. Take into account the hashtags that indicate:

  1. your location
  2. your audience
  3. your products

Don’t just throw a load of hashtags on your posts, hoping for the best, though. Interact with other brands and consumers interacting with those hashtags. Start conversations or continue discussions already in progress.

Use Strong Images

Do you want your posts to be engaging? Social media is full of images, and to make a difference, you need to attract attention. Research shows that posts with images generate 650% higher engagement levels than text-only posts. Plus, it’s easier than ever to create eye-catching social media posts with free tools. Just choose a template, create a design, and then share it.

Indicate Your Location

Many small businesses are small local “gems” and are better suited to an audience close to home. In this regard, it helps to indicate your location. This makes your content searchable on the map and helps potential customers see where you are. One study showed that posts with a tagged position receive 79% more engagement than posts without.

Post-User-Generated Content

Designing your own social media content day in and day out can take a long time and, let’s face it, be downright exhausting. Fortunately, there is already a great deal of content that you can use to promote your business – customer reviews, photos, and videos – all user-generated content. This type of content is much more interesting than self-referencing content. Manually select thoughts to share on social media, encourage customers to share photos of your products or share social posts that include your brand.

Interact With Your Audience

21% of shoppers follow a brand on social media to communicate with it. Users want to build a relationship with the people they shop from, especially now that human connection is more important than ever. Additionally, customers who connect and interact with brands on social media are more likely to become ambassadors. The best part? Engaging your audience is incredibly fun. Not only can you build deep connections with the people who love your brand the most, but you can also learn more about your buyers and their needs.

Use Social Features

Each social platform has features small businesses can tap into, ranging from stories and round-the-clock surveys to reels and post shoppable. Leveraging these features provides a mix of content for customers to browse and helps you connect with shoppers differently.

Mix Your Content

Not all content is created equal. In addition to sharing standard posts and statuses, think about incorporating videos, infographics, and animations into the mix to inform and engage your audience. Research shows that videos are one of the most popular forms of content on social media, so try to include them throughout your strategy wherever possible.

Constantly Tweak And Optimize

A solid presence on social media doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time to shape it to fit your brand and work best with your buyers. The secret is to keep tweaking, testing, and experimenting to determine what type of content works best, what time of day your audience is most likely to interact, and how you can get better results through your strategy and campaigns.

There’s no denying that social media has numerous marketing benefits for both startups and established local businesses. By using social media regularly and implementing the right strategy, you will notice increased traffic, better brand loyalty, better SEO, better customer service, and more.

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