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Salesforce Contact Center: Automation, And Data In Real-Time

Salesforce has launched new technology that offers businesses the best contact center solutions that become an automated, intelligent, real-time hub to deliver superior customer experiences. Contact center managers can now leverage real-time data from computerized bots, digital channels, and self-service hubs, gaining an even more complete and unified view of each customer. These new real-time capabilities provide operators with the tools they need to reduce response times, offer more personalized service, and improve customer satisfaction while achieving an average savings of 27% on service and support costs, says Salesforce.

Today the keyword is made efficient. Companies are asked to do more with reduced budgets and to face an increasingly uncertain and challenging market due to the energy crisis and the shortage of human resources. It is, therefore, more necessary than ever to rely on tools that allow operators to offer connected and consistent experiences, exploiting automation and artificial intelligence.

Innovation In Action

Salesforce Contact Center brings together the most powerful capabilities of Salesforce to enable contact center agents to move faster and be more productive with automation, artificial intelligence, and the availability of real-time data designed to engage customers at any time and wherever they are:

  1. In banking and insurance, for example, they can use the Omni Routing functionality to proactively route customers to a specific sector, such as fraud or loans, allowing operators to have trust-oriented intelligence and automation. Real-time data to solve multiple problems in a single intervention.
  2. In telecommunications, a combination of artificial intelligence and automation can proactively reach customers and provide personalized, real-time feedback based on customer data, such as the steps required to reset an Internet router during a potential outage.
  3. In healthcare, providing real-time and updated data increases patient satisfaction as operators can meet their needs more quickly.

What Salesforce Contact Center Offers

  1. Service Cloud Voice turns voice into an operational channel within Salesforce for faster resolution of calls and more personalized conversations. Customers can use bundled telephony or partner phone links on the Salesforce AppExchange.
  2. Digital Engagement helps contact centers connect with customers on their favorite digital channel, web, mobile, WhatsApp, SMS, or Facebook Messenger messaging.
  3. Self-Service reduces the volume of calls and chats by providing customers with DIY pages and bots based on artificial intelligence to answer the most frequently asked questions.
  4. Feedback Management leverages Service Cloud built-in surveys to collect real-time customer feedback and make informed business decisions.
  5. Shift scheduling and Omni Routing direct the right job to the suitable operators, regardless of channel, and tailor shift schedules based on demand.
  6. Einstein Conversation Insights uses Einstein’s artificial intelligence to analyze customer interactions, report the most appropriate actions in real time, identify conversation trends, and use data-driven insights to train service agents.

Service Cloud enables companies to be more productive. Now service departments can deliver complete, connected, and consistent service experiences, from digital self-service to contact center to frontline field service, all in real-time. With increasing customer expectations, shrinking team sizes, and uncertain economic conditions, organizations must leverage Customer Service technologies that provide holistic 360-degree customer experiences to be successful. With Salesforce Contact Center, businesses can instantly transform their contact center, enabling agents to deliver automated, intelligent, and seamless customer service experiences. In an environment where customers have more choices than ever, experiences focused on real-time customer data will help transform potentially harmful interactions into long-term loyalty.

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