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MailBird: Free And Powerful Email Software For Windows

On Windows, the choice of email software has often been minimal: thunderbird, which is free but ultra classic, and Outlook, from the Office suite, which is powerful but not free. Today there is an up-and-coming alternative: Mailbird.If you dream of taking your emails to the next level, MailBird is for you! Ultra customizable will allow you to manage your emails and favorite social networks like Twitter in a single software. MailBird was designed for Windows 7, 8, and 10.

Mailbird, For Classic And Instant Messaging

Mail management solutions offered outside the market leaders often give the impression of a slightly discounted interface. Mailbird is the exception that proves the rule. Available only on Windows, it also integrates instant messaging settings such as Whatsapp or Facebook. Beyond three email accounts, you will nevertheless need to invest in a paid Pro version.

Some Features

The application is complete! Here is a non-exhaustive list of the main features:

  1. Possibility to configure several email accounts in pop or IMAP
  2. Full touchscreen support
  3. Integration of messaging applications like Slack, Facebook Messenger, Twitter
  4. Integration of task management applications like Todoist, Asana
  5. Integration of calendar applications such as Google apps or Sunrise
  6. Dropbox integration
  7. Centralized inbox for a glance of all new emails
  8. Available in French and 16 other languages
  9. Customizable interface (layout and colors)
  10. Advanced search engine/filter

In short, a whole bunch of features simplifies the use of emails and social networks every day. Advertising – Advertising space is used to finance the site.

Configure Your Email Accounts Automatically

MailBird has automatically found the configuration corresponding to your email. Beginners will particularly appreciate this aspect of the software: Enter your account’s email address and your password, and MailBird will automatically take care of finding the correct settings.

Often it’s a hassle to configure your account from Outlook since you have to manually configure the incoming and outgoing ports (IMAP, pop, SMTP) as well as the port numbers dedicated to emails.

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Integration Of Third-Party Applications

Third-party applications are available such as Facebook, Twitter, Google docs, etc. The biggest strength of MailBird is the integration of third-party applications within the software. By clicking on the menu at the bottom right, we find the list of all possible integrations:

And we can say that there are many:

  1. Social networks: Facebook, Twitter
  2. Calendar: Sunrise, Google Calendar
  3. Messaging: Slack, WhatsApp, WeChat.

The applications then appear at the bottom right of the software, and you can even use the right panel to display your Twitter feed, for example, quickly.


Another significant strength of the application is the possibility of customizing it according to your needs. From the settings, you can choose if you want to have the list of emails at the top or on the left, then the interface’s color. It’s nice.

In Conclusion

The free version of the application is limited in functionality. You will be able to test them for 14 days. Then you will have to pay $ 1 per month to obtain the functionalities of the pro version (unlimited email accounts, possibility of cutting off notifications, preview of attached files). In itself, the free version is already very sufficient for most cases.

This software is suitable for both beginners, who will successfully set up their account with one click, and more advanced users who would like to add applications such as calendars and social networks. It is a lovely product that adds a little diversity to the panel of mail applications dedicated to Windows.

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