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How To Save On The Purchase Of An iPhone 15

How do I save on an iPhone 15? Given the relatively high price, here is a practical guide to buying it while saving. The new iPhone has now been presented to the world. How can you save money on acquiring the most recent Apple cell phone? During the event that took place on September 12 in Cupertino, Apple finally unveiled the new iPhone 15. Starting September 22, the smartphone will arrive in different versions: standard, Plus, Pro, and Pro Max. 

Depending on the model, the price of the iPhone 15 varies considerably: the cheapest, the standard 128 GB version, starts at 979 euros, while the top of the range, the 1 TB Pro Max, costs a whopping 1,989 euros. With the costs made known, many potential buyers are now wondering how to save on purchasing the iPhone 15. Because yes, it is possible to pay less, and now we will explain how to do it.

How To Save On The iPhone 15 With Apple Trade-In

The first way to save on the new iPhone 15 is to take advantage of one of the services offered by the Cupertino company: Apple Trade-In, which allows you to receive a free evaluation of your iPhone to trade it in and save on a new one. The service can be convenient, especially if you have Apple smartphones that you no longer use but are relatively modern. 

By trading in an iPhone 14, for example, it is possible to save up to 525 euros on the purchase of the new smartphone, while with a 14 Pro Max, this figure even rises to 805 euros. The rating of your old iPhone varies considerably based on the model but also on the memory and the conditions in which it is found. However, it is worth noting that Apple’s used valuations are lower than the possible profit generated through private sales.

How To Save On An iPhone 15 With A Refurbished One

One more way to save money on the new iPhone 15 is to hold on until the revamped variants appear. Simply put, refurbished iPhones are used smartphones restored to mint or near-mint condition by expert technicians. When these are back on the market, their price is lower than that of a new product, but their needs are entirely the same (or almost). Of course, this solution is unsuitable for people in a hurry to buy it, but if you have patience, in a few months, you will have the chance to see the first models arrive on the market and purchase them while saving.

How To Save On The iPhone 15 With A Subscription

To save on the new iPhone 15, a good idea may be to get it with a subscription to a telephone operator such as Vodafone, Wind3, or Tim. Every year, the leading providers of this type of service make new smartphones available, which can be obtained by subscribing to a subscription that includes traffic for calls, SMS, and 5G Internet connections. 

This choice can be convenient mainly for two reasons: firstly, payment is made in installments, so the customer does not have to pay for the expense in one go. Furthermore, getting a smartphone together with the telephone operator’s promotion is generally considered economically convenient compared to buying the product individually and signing up for a subscription. Of course, this is sometimes true and applies to some smartphones. In this case, you must wait for the first available offers to be released.

How To Save On An iPhone 15 By Buying It Abroad

Many people interested in the new iPhone 15 will wonder whether it is better to buy it abroad to save money. The answer might seem affirmative, at least to a non-expert glance; however, considering all the factors involved, we realize that it is not worth it. As per the Apple site, a 256 GB iPhone 15 Master Max in the US — one of the nations where the cost of the cell phone is most minimal — begins at a price of around 1,112 euros, while it costs 1,489 euros, so the thing that matters is critical: 367 euros.

To Save On The iPhone 15, Wait

Finally, you need to wait to save on purchasing the iPhone 15. Every year, especially during the release period, these smartphones’ prices are very high. As the months pass, be that as it may, their value will, in general, drop, but not altogether. The best guidance to provide for the people who don’t directly need to change their cell phone yet at the same time need to change to this new model is to stand by a couple of months, trust that the publicity will pass, and afterwards purchase the new iPhone.

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