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How To Make Money On YouTube

To make money on YouTube, it’s not enough to be good at entertaining the public: you need a real strategy and a lot of patience. Earning on YouTube is a complex but not impossible undertaking, given the large audience that finds itself in front of the screen every day to watch the free videos available on the platform.

Indeed, it is essential to develop an effective strategy, which allows you to monetize your presence with a not highly burdensome commitment, at least in the early running-in times when you have to learn to sharpen weapons while avoiding looking away from daily activities.

Among the many opportunities that can be taken advantage of, there are not only those strictly related to the number of videos produced but some broader aspects worth considering. Then, everyone will have the opportunity to choose the path to take. Here are tips on how to make money on YouTube.

Select An Audience And Theme That You Know

It is unthinkable, or at least very difficult, to establish yourself in any sector if you do not have a strong knowledge of the subject you are dealing with. Like other media, even the site dedicated to streaming is not exempt from this rule. Therefore, it is significant to identify a particular audience and address a specific theme. Creating a multi-thematic container may seem like a helpful method to attract the attention of more people. But this, unfortunately, has repercussions on the perception of the same: too generic and not very “credible” from the point of view of reputation. 

Instead, it is more appropriate to find a focus on which to focus, see videogames, purchase reviews (it is not decisive that they necessarily belong to hi-tech), or sharing experiences. Once the subject has been chosen, you can start thinking about the format to use. You can lend your face and voice, organize your videos in slides (although the effect of trust that those who “put their face” produces are not comparable to anything else, if not the relatively recent phenomenon of the V-Tubers ), or rely on speech and add, in support, a series of descriptive graphics.

The important thing is that everything is original and captivating, so every tactic is sound. And then, it is essential to try and try again without losing heart: the or the viewing statistics are a great ally to understand how pervasive and convincing the created video clips are. It is, therefore, suitable to keep them under control to check the success of our productions constantly. But from a pure profit perspective, it is good not to become slaves: if the goal is to monetize YouTube videos, it is not always true that more visits correspond to more significant revenue.

Become A YouTube Partner

It’s a more straightforward step, once you take familiarity with the instrument. By accessing the partnership program, you can unlock the feature made for specific purposes by the site itself, maximizing the work and saving time and effort. Furthermore, it is only by joining that you access many features reserved exclusively for the so-called YouTubers.

Although it is possible to profit from advertising without being a YouTube Partner, “being part of the tour” allows you to take advantage of subscription memberships, tips from fans, subscriptions to additional channels, and the section for merchandise, another source of remuneration for a large number of subscribers. To do this, a few steps are enough. Once the channel is created, it is necessary to use it and start it for a few months, until reaching 1000 supporters and 4000 hours of views in the previous 12 months; nothing unattainable starting from the previously described assumptions.

Having reached the goal, you can set up an AdSense account by connecting it to the one on the platform, gradually choosing the system you want to access based on the different requests (including the percentages collected through advertising spots, the showcase for the sale of gadgets, setting up pay-as-you-go channels).

Build Or Exploit Your Online Reputation

Covering the role of experts in a branch can turn into a considerable advantage, allowing us to quickly move from the “connoisseur of” level to an influencer or reference person. For example, suppose you have built a good profile – in terms of visitors – on Instagram or a different social network based on another visual format. In that case, you can insert the link to YouTube in the captions, using it as a springboard. 

To explain the tactics for carrying out specific operations, thus effectively “selling” the accumulated experience. You can even start from a blog, based on a topic of our interest, adding your videos to the published posts explaining the basic steps taken to carry out a specific review or visit a particular place in the world.

Sponsor Products Or Services

A further methodology that created followers’ niche is to create sponsored videos based on external affiliate programs (such as the Amazon affiliation). Several sites act as a trait union between companies and YouTubers, allowing you to vary between topics, objects, or goods to be promoted and earning methods (if connected to visits, generated sales, etc.).

In specific cases, the brands could ask creators to produce targeted content on particular products or services, following guidelines or creating a specific communication or marketing strategy together. Better always keep an eye on contact channels, such as messages or a dedicated mailbox to be reported in the video description, so that you never miss a collaboration proposal when one is revealed on the horizon.

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