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How To Get Started On Google Ad Grants For Nonprofits?

Are you an association or a  non-charitable organization and want to advertise on Google to be more visible and encourage your target to take action? Thanks to Google Ad Grants, let’s find out how you can spread your message and rally Internet users to your cause for free. What does this consist of? Are you eligible for this program? In this article, we answer all your questions: follow the guide!

What Are Google Ad Grants?

Google Ad Grants is a program of the Google Ads advertising platform. This division is intended for associations and nonprofit organizations. Accessible in more than 50 countries, the network allows associations and organizations to gain visibility and reach potential donors through paid referencing. As with traditional advertising on the Google search network, Google Ad Grants ads  appear on search pages with the words “Advertisement.” They are only available in text ad format. 

Google wants to help associations gain visibility and collect donations. This is why, through its management,  Google subsidizes charities with a Google Ads advertising budget of up to $10,000 monthly. This endowment is accessible on the condition of not going beyond a bid of €2 per keyword. In terms of invoicing, the principle is simple. Billing is done on a cost-per-click (CPC) basis and is deducted from the allocation granted by Google. The advertising campaign, therefore, does not require any financial investment specific to the associations.

What Are The Benefits Of Google Ad Grants For Charities?

Through this donation of $10,000, the board is offering numerous advantages to nonprofit associations. Thanks to Google Ad Grants, your NGO will benefit from an increase in the visibility of its site and the development of its notoriety. With Ad Grants, you can spread your message for free, reach your target audience and rally investors and volunteers to your cause.

Eligibility: Prerequisites For Using Google Ad Grants

To access a Google for nonprofits account and make yourself known, you must meet Google’s eligibility criteria. Your association must not be a government organization, hospital, healthcare institution, school, or academic institution. Additionally, your website must meet  Ad Grants requirements. Your association must own the site. 

Its content must be explicit and explain your missions and your activities. You need to provide a simple and smooth user experience to your visitors. In short, your website must meet quality criteria regarding ergonomics, security, and navigation. Finally, the primary objective of your site should be something other than commercial. If your organization sells products, these items must be related to your associative activity. Google will ask you to justify using these funds on your site with, for example, an annual report.

Conditions: How To Benefit From Google Ad Grants?

Eligible organizations must respect the conditions of access to the program. Your organization must have the status of association law 1901, foundation (law of 1987), or endowment fund law 2008-776 and be published in the Official Journal Associations. To be referenced as a nonprofit organization, you will then need to register your association in the SolidaTech register.

After validation of your registration, you will obtain a token certifying that you are an association. Finally, go to the Google for Nonprofits site with your token and complete your membership application. Once your membership is confirmed, you can launch your first advertisements.

Rules For Managing Your Google Ad Grants Account

For your organization to benefit from the advantages of Ad Grants and access to it, Google imposes compliance with specific rules in the maintenance of your advertising account. Google reserves the right to suspend your account without notice if its requirements are not met. To avoid the suspension of your account, here are the main rules to follow:

  1. The report must have a  minimum click-through rate (CTR) of 5%.
  2. Must have at least two site link ad extensions.
  3. Track conversions with the obligation to set up essential conversion goals such as donations, memberships, calls, etc.
  4. A campaign must have at least two active ad groups.
  5. An ad group must contain at least two dynamic ads.
  6. Geographic targeting must be precise and relevant to the association’s scope of action.
  7. Keywords should be related to your business and be of quality, with a quality score of at least 3.
  8. It is forbidden to use overly generic keywords composed of a single term.
  9. Respond to satisfaction questionnaires sent by Google to improve the platform.

To find out more about the rules relating to Ad Grant’s campaigns, do not hesitate to consult the “Program Rules” page. If your Ad Grants account is suspended for non-compliance with Google policy, you may appeal Google’s decision after correcting the account status.

SEARCH-Factory, Your Google Ad Grants Agency

SEARCH-Factory is a SEA agency and  Google Partner Premier certified with real expertise in using Google advertising networks. We put this expertise at the service of our clients to guarantee them the best performance of their Paid Media campaigns. Our Ad Grants specialist consultants support numerous associations in the deployment of  Google Ads campaigns. They take care of the management of advertising accounts to boost the visibility and notoriety of associations.

Our Google Ad Grants Expertise

Auditing Your Google Ad Grants Account

A senior SEA expert performs a full account audit if you have a Google Ad Grants account. We achieve this analysis of the performance and structure of your campaigns to allow you and us to identify opportunities and optimizations for your budget.

Defining Your Ad Grants Objectives

Based on the audit carried out and a study of your environment (market, positioning, target, etc.), we define the  Ad Grants objectives to be achieved with you.

Creation Of Your Ad Grants Campaigns

Our senior SEA consultants then set up your account and your campaigns. To ensure the best performance,  we carry out a precise segmentation of your campaigns according to the specific objectives of each one.

Campaign Optimization Tracking

To continuously improve your campaigns, our experts monitor the quality of the traffic generated and the optimization of your investments every week. Our consultants ensure the implementation and monitoring of key performance indicators (KPIs).

Reporting Your Google Ads Performance

To achieve the objectives set, each week we produce a report on the performance of your campaigns using the KPIs put in place. This reporting is essential to have a precise vision of the performance of the movements in progress, to determine the axes of optimization, and to refine the advertising strategy. Do you want your message to gain visibility and rally investors and volunteers to your cause? 

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