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How To Create A Facebook Page For Your Company

The company’s Facebook page allows all organizations to increase visibility, find new customers and retain existing ones: here’s how to create it quickly. Being present on social networks is now essential for any company. These virtual places are frequented by millions of users and are already manned by the competition. Facebook is one of the best known and most popular social platforms globally. For years, it has become part of the daily life of many people who find it a space to socialize and entertain themselves and discover new products and services, evaluate their purchases, and interact with companies and organizations.

Facebook is a free service, now belonging to the Meta company, created in 2004. It was born as a platform for university students, it soon spread, and users have grown exponentially. Companies quickly understood its potential, and social media itself developed marketing tools. To use the social network, register on the portal by creating a personal profile, which is necessary to perform all the actions and fully enjoy all the features. It can be used from the desktop by logging into the official website. 

The company has also developed an extremely intuitive and functional free application to allow its use from mobile devices. It can be installed on Android, Windows and iOS operating systems. Companies that want to use Facebook can open a Business page. Brands, organizations and freelancers use these to increase their online visibility and stay in touch with customers. It is profoundly different from profiles, which are for personal use. On the other hand, the pages respond to advertising purposes. They, therefore, provide a series of features, such as the ability to create advertisements and access statistical data, which are not present in other solutions.

Creating a company page is free, although it is always good to plan a budget and resources to invest in its professional management. The creation process can start with smartphones and tablets, and a PC. Before proceeding with the creation, you must have everything you need: a personal profile to which you can link the company page, as it is impossible to do without it. All the information relating to the company must be entered and shown to users.

How To Create A Company Facebook Page From Smartphones And Tablets

  1. To create a Company Facebook page on smartphones and tablets, you must first download the application and log in to the social network. Once logged in, you will find yourself on the home page. Next, you need to select Menus and Pages. A screen will open in which, if present, all the pages already created and managed will be visible. 
  2. By tapping on Create, the process of creating a new page starts. The first step is to enter the name to be assigned. It is what will be visible to users and, therefore, should be that of the company or organization. It can also be changed at a later time.
  3. At this point, you need to enter the category to which the page belongs. It is a critical phase: it helps users find the company and influences the experience of using the social network.
  4. Proceeding, Facebook asks you to enter the address of your website or blog, if any. Finally, the last step is to add your cover or profile picture. Both must represent the company, brand, or freelancer creating the page, as they are always visible in the search results.
  5. After the last step, the page is immediately initiated. All that remains is to explore all the features, enter the necessary information, invite customers to follow it and start publishing content to interact with the public. 

How To Create A Business Facebook Page From A Pc

Even from a PC, creating a company Facebook page is elementary. After logging in to the platform through the official website, you will find yourself on your home page. Using the icon at the top right, you access the menu and select Create and the Page item. At this point, a screen opens in which, on the left side, you can enter all the information on the company page. On the right side of the screen, however, a preview of what you are creating is shown, both in its desktop version and that for mobile devices.

To continue, you must enter the name of the page, mandatory data that can also be changed later. Up to three categories of membership help users indicate what the company or freelancer deals with and find the page easily in the search results. A brief description of the activity performed. After entering all the required information, click on Create Page. At this point, you have to proceed with its configuration by inserting a profile image and a cover image. 

To finish, click on the Save button. The page has been created. All that remains is to change the settings and enter all the essential company information, such as telephone number, email address, offices, opening hours of physical stores, address, and so on Street. Once you have invited the first users to ‘like’, you can start creating content to interact with them and grow your business.

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