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How To Best Optimize Your YouTube Channel For SEO

Only some people know we are talking about a real search engine for people’s lives. YouTube channel SEO optimization is fundamental to emerging in that great universe of content. Indeed, we are now talking about a giant: “YouTube generated $19.7 billion in revenue as of January 2021. Technically, it is the second-largest search engine after Google”. The second search engine after Google underlines globalmediainsight.com. True? Indeed, any promotional activity must notice this video content distribution platform. Social media marketing has to deal with this reality every day. That’s why it becomes essential to understand how to emerge, how to position the videos, and do SEO optimization of the YouTube channel. Any tips to get a good ranking?

Change Your Youtube Profile URL

When you create your YouTube channel, you are already defining the basics of SEO optimization. In the past, it was a sacrosanct principle because the username you chose during registration became an element of the channel URL. Now that’s not the case anymore. You can change the channel URL whenever you want. Provided your profile:

  1. Have at least 100 subscribers.
  2. Have a banner and profile picture. Has existed for at least 30 days.

If you know the basics of on-page search engine optimization, you understand that the web page address is a step towards improving the document. So, when you create your YouTube channel, remember to achieve the primary objectives to customize this decisive element to enhance the video channel.

Choose A Suitable Name For The Youtube Channel

Always think about your brand. Always consider that the name you give to your Channel represents an essential element for both the brand and the SEO. The channel name is also used as the title tag in the SERP. So, how to find a good title for your YouTube channel? I recommend working consistently: give space to your brand. Only enter keyword lists to obtain greater visibility. At most, you can do something like Hubspot, which adds a distinctive element (brand name + keyword), but I advise you always to be linear with your identity and username.

Identify A Theme And Focus On A Topic

One of the most relevant ranking factors in the entire YouTube universe, also for positioning the videos you’ve created, is the ability to demonstrate authority, reputation, and trust on the part of users. So you have to publish quality content but do it on a specific topic to be a true expert.

Add A Description And Keywords

In the basic settings of your YouTube channel, you can enter and add a series of elements that help you optimize the YouTube channel’s SEO. First, you must log in, go to the icon at the top right and click on YouTube Studio. At this point, you can go to Settings and then Channel. Here you will find a box that allows you to enter keywords that characterize the topic of your work. Then add text of around 150 characters. You have up to 500 jokes available. Use them without spamming. Immediately after going to customization and basic information, you can add a YouTube channel description. This is the element that will show up in the meta description on Google.

Don’t Forget About The Arrangement Of The Videos

Another fundamental aspect of improving the SEO optimization of the YouTube channel: is the arrangement of the videos in the sections. Organize the layout to show collections of content related to your work and welcome the user to a descriptive homepage of your work and content. When choosing the arrangement of the videos, try to be as complete and exhaustive as possible for what you show to create an exciting and, above all, proper video content marketing path.

Find A Suitable Visual Identity For You

This is useful for both the banner and the avatar profile picture. The latter is fundamental in the SEO optimization work of the YouTube channel. The reason is simple: when a user searches on this platform, he also finds your Channel and recognizes it thanks to two elements. Namely the name and the main image, the logo. Taking care of these two aspects, the channel avatar also means increasing the number of possible clicks and visitors who watch your videos.

Do You Want To Improve Your Youtube Channel?

Remember this: the videos you post in your profile are the heart of your Channel. The contents represent, as always, the starting point for any search engine optimization. A good SEO consultancy can be the starting point for obtaining the proper visibility.

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