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From iPhone SE To iPad Air: Features And Prices Of New Apple Products

Apple presented some interesting new products: iPhone SE, iPad Air, and more. Let’s find out the characteristics and prices of each one. The Apple event on March 8 positively surprised everyone with the news it brought with it. The Cupertino giant presented 4 brand-new products: iPhone SE, fifth-generation iPad Air, Mac Studio, and Studio display. Furthermore, it has decided to add a new color to the range of iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro. 

In this article, we will list all the news in detail with relative prices. Gone are the days when Apple devoted entire keynotes to showcase individual products. The latest event was astonishing for the number of surprises it held. However, when there are so many products at stake, it’s easy to get confused. Below, we will take stock of the situation on the characteristics and prices of the various models.

From iPhone SE To iPad Air

News of the Apple event on March 8 3rd generation iPhone SE. Indeed the most awaited product of the event. iPhone SE is one of the most popular Apple products ever. The third generation has been expected for more than a year. Finally, Apple has decided to launch it on the market. Once again, the company has decided to focus on the classic iPhone 8 design. However, don’t be fooled by appearances. Despite the aesthetic resemblance to the previous generation, the differences are consistent. 

First of all, despite the same design, both glasses of the new iPhone SE, both front and rear, are reinforced. Like the iPhone 13, these too will withstand drops and scratches without too much trouble. The display remains the same as the predecessor, a 4.7-inch Retina HD, and the Touch ID fingerprint recognition system integrated with the Home button. Small is better for cameras, which now allow new functions thanks to the higher-performing chip. The latter is an A15 Bionic. The same powerful chip is also present on the iPhone 13. Also, thanks to the chip, the battery is significantly improved. 

The smartphone gains 2 hours of autonomy more than its predecessor in streaming video playback. Finally, Apple has also introduced support for 5G networks on this device. There are 3 colors available: midnight, galaxy, and (PRODUCT) RED. The memory cuts are: 64 GB, 128 GB and 256 GB (new).The prices are respectively: 529 euros (64 GB), 579 euros (128 GB), 699 euros (256 GB). Pre-orders start on March 11, with in-store availability on March 18.

iPad Air

After quite some time, Apple decided to update its iPad Air range to make it more palatable. The new fifth-generation offers an almost identical design to the previous model. Hence, the same 10.9-inch Liquid Retina display and the same Touch ID are integrated into the unlock button. New to the product are 5G connectivity for Cellular models, the chip that is now an M1 with desktop-grade 64-bit architecture, and the 12 MPX front camera with ultra-wide angle. 

Only 2, the available memory sizes: 64 GB and 256 GB. 5 colors presented: sidereal gray, galaxy, pink, purple, and blue. The prices are: 699 euros (Wi-Fi, 64 GB), 869 euros (Wi-Fi, 256 GB), 869 euros (Wi-Fi + 5G, 64 GB),1039 euros(Wi-Fi + 5G, 256GB). Pre-orders start on March 11, with availability in stores on March 18.

Mac Studio

Without a doubt, the Mac of dreams for most professionals. Mac Studio is an entirely new entry into the Apple ecosystem. Defined by the company as “The creative center,” it can be configured to your liking. The desktop device perfectly combines compact size with a stunning performance. In addition to being configured with the already known M1 Max processor, this new Mac has the possibility of mounting a brand new and mighty chip, the M1 Ultra. 

We are talking about a processor with a 20-core CPU, a GPU up to 64 cores, and a unified memory of 128 GB! In practice, an absolute beast. The product is available in a single color. The base price for the model with integrated M1 Max chip is2349 euros, while the base price for the model with integrated M1 Ultra chip is 4649 euros. The pre-orders have already started. In-store availability is set for March 18.

Studio Display

Of course, to accompany the new Mac, Studio could not miss a display at the height. The new Studio Display offers an a27-inch viewing surface, 5K resolution, and 600 nits of brightness. In addition to providing very high-definition images and colors, it is accompanied by a series of technologies that make it nothing short of remarkable. The design is minimal and compact. Inside, the A13 Bionic performance chip is present. The front camera is 12 MPX with ultra-wide-angle, and the speakers, 6 of them, offer spatial sound. 

The product is available in a single color and can be configured with nanotexture glass and different support bases. The base price is 1799 euros. The pre-orders have already started. In-store availability is set for March 18. iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 in the new green colors Small news was presented during the event. iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro are enriched with a new color. In addition to the classic colors, iPhone 13 is also available in green and iPhone 13 Pro in alpine green. Pre-orders for the new colors start on March 11. Availability in stores is set for March 18.

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