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Five Tips For Making Compelling Facebook Posts That Grab Attention

Social networks have become part of our lives and represent an excellent tool for successful marketing and communication strategies. Today, every business uses Facebook to promote products and services, gain greater visibility, and reach new potential customers. However, having a presence on Facebook but not making compelling posts that grab attention isn’t enough to gain a competitive advantage. This is why it is essential to know the characteristics of this social media and understand how to structure posts that can impact users.

How To Create A Facebook Post That Can Grab Attention

Creating content that can capture users’ attention is of fundamental importance and allows you to make a difference compared to your competitors. Especially now that the new Facebook algorithm gives greater visibility to personal profiles than business pages. It is essential to adopt an ad-hoc strategy to obtain visibility and greater engagement. Creating a post on Facebook that can stand out in the eyes of users means knowing how to write a compelling, short, meaningful, and captivating text, but also combining a photo or video in line with the type of communication you intend to do.

So, before posting something in your feed, it’s best to have a clear strategy. Furthermore, to be truly effective, every form of communication should be structured to be in line with the needs of the target we wish to address. Before writing posts on Facebook, therefore, the catchment area of our business must be identified. Help can come from Facebook’s paid advertisements that allow you to define a target precisely. In this case, it is possible to indicate various parameters to ensure that the communication reaches a genuinely interested audience.

The Eye Also Wants Its Part

We’re not just referring to the post images but its visual content in general with this statement. This means that even the post’s text will have to be formatted in a certain way to attract attention and entice the user to continue reading. Therefore, it is better to avoid a single block of text but divide it into short paragraphs, perhaps inserting some emoticons. Please do not overdo it, and above all, it is good to choose only emoticons relevant to the content. Hashtags should be used sparingly: we are not on Instagram after all.

Create Short, Engaging Copy

To capture users’ attention on Facebook and engage them with a message that hits the mark, you also need to create a copy that is short and captivating at the same time. The length of the post, in terms of the number of characters, is essential: usually, 80 words can be enough to get the message to users, but you can also write posts up to 199 characters.

In the case of longer texts, it is better to reserve the first 50 characters for a short introduction that is attractive to the user and leads him to read the whole post. As long as they are reliable, numbers and data give authority to the post and create a bond of trust with the reader.

Choose Your Images Carefully

Facebook bases its communication mainly on visual content: although it is not a social media exclusively focused on images, these still play a fundamental role. If you want to create compelling and captivating posts, you must carefully choose the photos paying attention to:

1. Format and size: images more fabulous than 1600 × 1200 pixels are perfect for Facebook, alternating rectangular and square designs.

2. Authentic images vs. stock images: if possible, prefer real photos of your products over stock images. The user will perceive the communication as more sincere and adherent to reality. Stock photos can still be an excellent resource because they have a good resolution and lend themselves to different communication strategies.

3. Follow the Facebook guidelines: Zuckerberg’s social network provides comprehensive guides to help users create impactful posts and choose the right images.

4. Use the editors for special effects: there are many online editing programs explicitly designed for social networks, which allow you to create images for posts, for the cover, and videos of significant graphic impact, even without being experts in the field.

Create A Call-To-Action

Creating a post on Facebook means having an excellent opportunity to interact with users. A call-to-action allows you to make the user do something and ask him for something in return, such as his data, for example, with the promise of a tangible advantage. For example, you could ask to fill out a form by entering the data and email in exchange for a discount or free content, but this method of communication also lends itself to different options.

That’s why calls-to-action should be integrated into Facebook posts. Be careful, however, not to overdo it and alternate these types of posts with some that, instead, have an informative purpose exclusively. Sometimes, to entice users to take any action, ask a few questions or invite them to leave a comment under a post.

When To Publish Posts On Facebook

This aspect, which is often underestimated, is essential for an effective communication strategy and to ensure that your posts are truly capable of attracting the attention of Facebook users. Therefore, identifying the proper timing of publication also allows you to ensure that the post gets good visibility from the target we intend to address.

To understand the perfect day and time to post, take a look in the Insight> Posts section of Facebook to find out when users see and interact with the post the most. Making effective communication on social networks is not easy and following a targeted training course is an excellent idea to take advantage of this critical opportunity for your business.

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