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Five Benefits Of Local Social Media Activities

If we compare the local activities on social networks and their use compared to more structured companies, we discover several advantages. Which?

Local Activities On Social Media Have Higher Engagement

For a small local business, using social media is a great way to engage their customers and attract new ones. But what is why local businesses on social media are often more successful than large companies? The more they can engage users and customers, the more successful they will be. It is necessary to be always active and therefore constant over time, perhaps with the help of an editorial calendar to define the contents to be produced and posted. 

However, spontaneity is often a plus (see Stories and Reels on Instagram or TikTok videos). Let’s dispel a myth once and for all: success on social media does not depend on how many followers you have but on how much they interact with your content. Below, we list five advantages of a local business on social media compared to large companies.

Small Businesses Are Focused On The Community And Individuals

Using social media, they can connect directly with their customers online. And it is also easier for them to respond to their customers than large companies because the influx of comments can be managed in real-time: the faster you respond, the more satisfied the customer will be. Try to increase customer engagement by asking them to post photos with your products on their social networks, tagging your profile. Another good technique is to ask him to leave you a review or ask questions about problems encountered. Their feedback is always important.

Savings On Advertising

While you can sponsor posts on Facebook, Instagram, or other platforms as needed, social media are free. And if you want to launch ads, you can always target them to people in your area who might be interested in your products by entering data such as gender, age, interests, etc.

Unlike large companies that have to spend much more to reach the whole national territory or foreign countries. Remember that word of mouth, even digital, is always the best advertising. When your current customers talk about you, your products, or your services on their social networks, they are the best testimonials you can have.

Join Forces With Other Local Businesses

As a local business owner, you can partner with other nearby (non-competing) small businesses that cater to people who are part of your niche. For example, you can post on your Instagram profile that customers can get a 20% coupon for a nearby business if they buy from you and vice versa.

Or you can think of a giveaway or a social contest in collaboration with another company, where the winners can get a prize that includes products from both. By teaming up, you and the other small business can increase brand awareness: you can get on the radar of potential customers and encourage people to buy in both stores.

Personalized Attention

Many people prefer to shop from small businesses because they love to receive personalized service. When customers are in your store, you can follow them calmly. You can explain where the products come from, how long you have had your business, and where the inspiration to set it up came from. Personalized attention is intended for customers who come to your physical space and give personalized answers on social networks for each customer and their specific needs.

Small Businesses Can Join Together For Larger Advertising Activities

With the collaboration of your Municipality or the local Merchants Union, people in the area could be encouraged to buy from small shops, perhaps by setting up a specific day a month dedicated to this. Many initiatives of this type have been seen, especially during the pandemic. Still, it could be an idea to keep overtime to bring attention to small businesses and artisans who carry out their work with passion and dedication but are often bypassed by giants of e-commerce.

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