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E-Commerce Websites: The Future Of Business

Ecommerce Website Creation: Where To Start

Opening e-commerce websites is now everyone’s desire. But how to do it in the best way to generate revenue and get your business site off the ground? What will the sites of the future be? Or the areas that will be able to perform enough to withstand the increasingly intense attacks of the competition? How to give your website eternal glory? Online purchases have been increasing at a dizzying pace in recent years. 

Many think they can open an eCommerce website in a few days and start earning immediately. Thanks to numerous online platforms, such as Shopify, it is certainly possible to build their website to sell online, even for the less practical in the sector. But the question that must be asked is: is it worth it? Are the earnings coming as hoped? Is there free eCommerce? And what is the price for an eCommerce website? 

Most of the time, we only look at the simplicity these platforms offer in building the web page that will make us sell our products. But what is ignored is all the work that is required to open eCommerce websites that generate actual economic revenues that are durable and efficient in the long run. So let’s try understanding how eCommerce works and what work to put in place to allow our business to grow.

Free E-Commerce Websites: It’s Not All Gold

On the web, it often happens to see offers for the creation of free e-commerce sites. The idea might also sound tempting. But it will prove to be very penalizing for several reasons. First, consider that a free website can penalize you on the SEO level for several reasons. Typically, these providers put hundreds of shared websites on the same server, creating difficulties loading the site and damaging the user experience. We know that loading speed is crucial for good  SEO optimization, as it is one of the search engine ranking factors.

Also, sites built for free do not allow you to customize your domain name and have a professional web address, giving an unprofessional look to the site. This aspect will also be unwelcome to Google and his companions. A free e-commerce website does not always have a responsive design and therefore is not perfectly responsive. That is, it does not work well on mobile phones and does not adapt to device screens. According to statistics, users prefer to browse the Internet from their mobile devices, and with e-commerce without these features, you will lead them to leave your site even before it has loaded. 

Also, with free sites, you will not have access to customizations, data, tools, and even sometimes, to your users’ data. Therefore, you will not be able to develop optimal strategies because you do not know your audience well. There are other, more technical downsides to using a free provider for your eCommerce. To create an e-commerce site of value that is resistant to competition and helps you make your online business visible, you need to rely on experts who have been doing this job for a long time.

Creating E-Commerce Websites: The Choice Of Value

Ecommerce websites, if done correctly, can generate great results for companies and businesses. But for this to happen, there must be a structured work behind it, a broader web marketing strategy that includes several aspects. All this can only be achieved by turning to professionals able to create an accurate eCommerce site and combine this with all the necessary strategies to make the site visible and attractive to the public.

In terms more related to the site itself, building an adequate structure for both users and search engines is essential. This is why it is important to know how to optimize every aspect of the site from an SEO perspective. Images, videos, texts, titles, everything must be based on what allows the contents to reach the top of the SERP. Biometric, our digital marketing agency, has been operating in this field for decades, and our team is constantly trained to make every job a success. We support entrepreneurs and freelancers in constructing the eCommerce website, but we also provide all the tools to bring out the site itself and generate the most you need in e-commerce: sales.

Our strength, in addition to constant training, is the experience and sharing between the team. Thanks to our group’s wide range of professionals, we can carry out complete 360 ​​ web marketing projects, from creating eCommerce websites to launching on Google and the main Social Networks. Furthermore, with us, you will have the certainty of careful and professional work in line with the market’s needs but which respects the values ​​and objectives of the customer.

Ecommerce, The Website Is Not Enough

Those who choose to open an online shop, or an eCommerce website, therefore, rarely think that in addition to creating a beautiful, colorful and attractive showcase, they must work hard to make it known. However beautiful and well done, a site will remain in the dark corners of the web, and your potential customers will go elsewhere if it is not powered, nurtured, and improved. This is why, in addition to creating a website, it is also necessary to support it with the right social media marketing strategy. 

But not only that, it is possible to promote eCommerce with the possibilities that Google My Business gives us, for example. The important thing is to monitor what happens on your site. How users behave, what they do from which page they leave the most, and understand why. If they don’t buy, what is holding them back? Apply good remarketing strategies to those users who have reached the end of your e-commerce but have abandoned it. 

Not only that: customers who have already purchased must also be treated to stimulate repurchase. Today it is fundamental to create a loyal community to which you can offer discounts or vouchers and that they are your first ambassadors. All this work will allow your eCommerce to be present in a predominant way on Google and, over time, to strengthen and scale the SERP guaranteeing your business visibility and success.

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