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Cybersecurity For 2021, 4 Technologies To Keep An Eye On

Cyber ​​Security, What It Is

As always, it is helpful to start with the definitions. The first is information security which is characterized by “safeguarding the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information managed by an organization”. A safeguard not only from direct attacks but also from phenomena such as natural disasters or accidental problems and which certainly does not concern only the defence of IT equipment, since attention to information security has existed long before ICT. 

More specifically aimed at protecting IT equipment from voluntary attacks is IT security, which is a subset of information security. It can be defined as the set of products, services, organizational rules and individual behaviours that protect a company’s information systems.

In 2021, cyber attacks by cybercriminals have increased significantly, and in recent times, they have used and perfected their technologies in their favour to breach the security of companies. Following the technological trends, there will be four main trends that will have to be kept an eye on in 2021:

Ransomware Attacks 

It has been increasing significantly since Ransomware are computer viruses that make files on infected computers inaccessible and demand a ransom payment to restore them. The word Ransomware refers to a class of malware that makes the data of infected computers unavailable and requires the price of a ransom, in English ransom, to restore them.

2021 will become even more aggressive trying to trick security systems. For example, hackers will be able to encrypt only a tiny hidden part of each file or start the operating system in diagnostic mode, where there is no antivirus control so that they can bypass most of your antivirus defences.


It is now the most used archiving tool nowadays by companies and individuals. Still, incorrect use by many users will be the perfect card to allow hackers to enter and steal all sensitive data. You have to protect the data stored on the cloud with specific tools and try to access the directories from uninfected computers and a good antivirus.

Machine Learning 

When we talk about machine learning, we are talking about a particular branch of computer science that can be considered a close relative of artificial intelligence. Defining the characteristics and applications of machine learning is not always possible, given that this branch is very vast and provides different methods, techniques, and tools to be implemented. 

Furthermore, the algorithms’ additional learning and development techniques give rise to as many possibilities of use that widen the field of application of machine learning, making it challenging to define a specific one. However, it can be said that when we talk about machine learning, we are talking about different mechanisms that allow an intelligent machine to improve its capabilities and performance over time.

The device, therefore, will be able to learn to perform specific tasks by improving, through experience, its skills, its responses and functions. At the base of machine learning, there are a series of different algorithms that, starting from primitive notions, will be able to make a specific decision rather than another or carry out actions learned over time and is becoming a perfect tool to counter attacks by cybercriminals seeking out and sewing up the loopholes in the system.

But the latter in turn are developing more complex algorithms to defuse these systems. One solution would be implementing a multi-layered security approach by combining cybersecurity specialists with in-depth technologies such as Deep Learning. Companies will be able to detect and counter attacks faster. 


A technology that will connect everyday life with the network through impressive speed and very low latency. With the spread of this new technology on a large scale, security systems must be updated and adapted. The ways hackers access will change, and companies will need an even more significant commitment to secure connections, devices and applications.

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