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Common Mistakes That Site Doesn’t Sell

How Do You Ask For Customer Reviews Or Feedback?

It may seem strange to you, but your customers’ reviews under the product they purchase are more effective than many sales strategies. The numbers speak for themselves:

  1. 77  %  of users read reviews before buying.
  2. 90%  of people decide whether or not to buy based on what they read in the reviews. 

Therefore, seeing an eCommerce with a vast choice of products but no reviews or inherent feedback suggests a site that could be more serious and reliable. Zero reviews in the eyes of a possible customer mean zero sales, or  “if nobody makes purchases, it means that this eCommerce is a total disaster”. Also, going into SEO for a moment, reviews left by customers on product pages help keep your Site alive in the eyes of Google and provide you with free content that, unlike the content you create, does not require an investment of energy and time.

Not Having A Blog

Another mistake frequently made is forgetting to do  Content Marketing or instead not ignoring but avoiding implementing it. The structure of eCommerce, very technical and product-oriented, leaves no room for the customer and his needs, so it is essential to create an area where the user can feel involved and find helpful information without getting bored. You can do all this by writing a weekly blog. However, it is not easy to write entire articles on, for example, items of clothing or IT articles without falling into the superficial. Therefore, we advise you to focus less on the product you sell and more on your customer to offer him quality content that is exactly right for him. 

You can start with one post a week to build interest and, at the same time, test the effectiveness or otherwise of the content itself. Once you understand what kind of topics to cover, what tone to use and what target to address, you can start planning your editorial calendar with two or three posts a week. The result is guaranteed: the blog is capable of increasing the visibility of your e-commerce by almost 50%, always bringing you new leads, and we remind you that the lead user is the step before the actual customer.

Social Media Is Your Reputation. Exploit Them!

Social Networks are one of the essential traffic acquisition channels a site may have, whether a company site or an online sales site. Being present on social media is necessary to attract new users to your eCommerce. Not taking care of this aspect would mean throwing away many potential customers. But be careful to avoid making the mistake of creating a Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin account, to name a few, only to abandon them to themselves.

Even if you were to reach a good number of “likes,” an outdated Facebook page is not a sound business card. On the contrary, it can give the idea of ​​backwardness and superficiality, which would also affect the eCommerce image. On the other hand, cultivating online communication leads to exciting results, one of which is the exponential increase in traffic from the social channel to your online sales site, significantly raising the conversion rate. 

Need An SEO Strategy

We have left it for last, but it is perhaps the most serious of all these mistakes. As you well know, SEO is the marketing strategy that allows your eCommerce site (and not) to gain visibility on search engines. Google, we have seen before, is very selective and leaves nothing to chance, so: is your eCommerce outdated and not updated often? Does your Site have a lot of duplicate content? Need a content marketing strategy in place? 

Google knows this and will undoubtedly penalize you by leaving you at the bottom of the results or even hiding your Site from the user’s view because it is considered useless or harmful. SEO is, therefore, an indispensable tool for acquiring good positioning on the first page of Google, which is the only significant page for your eCommerce. The user will only look for the solution to his need after the first page of Google results. Therefore, we advise you to implement a  strategy to achieve this result, entrusting yourself to the expert hands of professionals who know how to study the keywords for your online sales site to position it on search engines in the best possible way.

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