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Cloud Backup, What It Is, And Why It Can Save All Your Data

In recent years there has been a constant increase in the number of malware capable of endangering the security of user data, threats that are becoming increasingly frequent. Fortunately, several solutions can protect user data from these threats. One of these solutions could be to rely on a cloud backup service. As of late, the universe of cybercrime has been portrayed by a few stressing patterns, including ransomware. Nonetheless, there are other dangers to which PC frameworks are uncovered. 

The latest generation of malware has become increasingly sophisticated, invasive, and dangerous and can exfiltrate data to carry out actual thefts. Cyber ​​attacks are capable of causing repercussions of different kinds. For example, they can disrupt a company’s operations and services, creating severe operational problems. Nonetheless, the outcomes can likewise be monetary, for example, when aggressors attempt to take cash or individual data from organization clients. In the face of the legitimate fears expressed in 2022 by various experts we interviewed at the beginning of the year, however, from a purely economic point of view, we were in for a surprise. 

Although the number of victims remained relatively unchanged during 2022, the turnover for cybercrime linked to ransomware campaigns decreased significantly. This is due, according to experts, to the greater awareness on the part of users, who have shown themselves to be more prepared to face this type of threat by refusing to pay the requested ransom or by preventing the possibility that a cyber attack could compromise all the sensitive data present in your system.

How To Prevent A Cyber Attack

But how can a cyber attack be prevented? Unfortunately, there isn’t a single answer to this question because ransomware is just one example. Cybercrime is always looking for new systems and methods to extort data from its victims or compromise computer systems remotely. Sometimes, you may need more than keeping your computer updated with the latest security updates, even if you have the newest antivirus suite installed and correctly configured. 

A solution could be to configure an optimal backup routine, an operation that not only renders many types of hacker attacks ineffective but also keeps all the data on a system safe from any unexpected event: with a constantly updated backup, you can eliminate the risk of data loss due to hardware failure or erasure and overwrite errors. However, local Backup is a niche solution, certainly outside the reach of all users due to the difficulties encountered during configuration or managing the data to be saved. Furthermore, performing a backup on the same storage unit or system does not eliminate the risks of unexpected events or attacks from the outside. In these cases, a cloud backup solution can be an added value.

What Is Cloud Backup

Cloud backup allows you to save sensitive data on remote systems through an internet connection. The user has to install a piece of software – called an agent – on the computer where the data to be safeguarded is present, and that’s it. The benefits of an answer of this kind are clear: the information is put away in a framework situated in a better place from the principal PC, so in case of harm or robbery, they remain entirely protected. They can be recuperated in only a couple of snaps as they are — been moved the initial time through the web. 

Furthermore, cloud backup services offer an extensible storage capacity, so the space available for Backup is not tied to a physical unit owned by the user. Cloud backups are reliable and managed by specialized operators: the user does not have to worry about data redundancy or replace any compromised and defective hard drives. The service provider handles all the technical operations necessary to make user data unassailable and always available. There are also disadvantages, such as storing your data on remote servers. 

For this reason, the most titled cloud backup services offer encryption protection, so those trying to log in without a password cannot discover the content of the saved files. Precisely due to the intrinsic security features of cloud backup, this practice helps companies comply with the GDPR, given that since 2018 it has been necessary to protect data confidentiality as well as guarantee the complete integrity of treatment systems and services and the ability to restore availability and access to personal data in the event of incidents, such as data leaks or external attacks.

Which Cloud Backup Service To Choose

Therefore, it is clear that relying on a reliable all-around cloud backup service is necessary. The service uses Acronis Cyber ​​Cloud Backup technology, already used in 150 countries with a proven track record in managing the IT security of corporate customers.

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