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Application Examples In Various Industries Of DevOps

If you take a look at the various industries, in addition to the technology industry (which was to be expected), three sectors, in particular, emerge in which DevOps is particularly popular: financial services, retail and telecommunications.

DevOps At Banks

More and more so-called fintech companies are entering the market with innovative ideas and without compromising on the quality to meet the expectations of Generation Z. Banks always live from new, innovative offers. The increased customer expectations associated with digitization cannot be achieved with an isolated, silo-like IT architecture. Banks, therefore, need an environment that helps them develop, test and debug their software in a short time with reduced error and effort. 

With concepts such as CI / CD, containers and microservices, DevOps offers banks a method to continuously and seamlessly develop and provide innovative services. DevOps simplifies and automates development processes, drastically reducing the cycle time from brainstorming to production and application management. This brings advantages in terms of cost and time and the availability of functions for companies.

Shorter Deployment Times With Lower Compliance Risks

The release orchestration process for applications, in particular, is a problem because it is usually complicated, requires a lot of manual effort, is subject to strict compliance and security requirements and, due to ever shorter deployment cycles, has to be carried out more frequently and with ever more complex interaction from the previous one – and downstream components. DevOps practices help financial services companies shorten the development and deployment cycle time for new offerings and feature upgrades.

DevOps In Retail

Due to the increasing demand for continuous release and deployment of customer-oriented applications at the right time and in high quality, the use of DevOps as a service with continuous delivery at retail companies has skyrocketed. The digitization of the customer journey is responsible for the fact that the retail sector is dependent on the use of high-quality software for sustainability and growth. As a result, retailers are becoming more and more involved in the software test automation process.

Seamless Multi-Channel Experience

Throughout this test workflow, the test automation process plays a critical role in handling the vast volume of testing required to accelerate business and meet customer quality expectations. A DevOps test automation process helps identify the defects earlier in the development cycle. This, in turn, enables a function that corresponds to the customers’ quality. 

The increasing customer expectations for a seamless multi-channel experience put the retailer under pressure to optimize all services in the numerous online trading channels continuously. The DevOps approach helps retailers to constantly monitor and test all product deployment versions at the right time to correct errors promptly.

Optimizing The Provision Of Digital Services

Retailers live with the problem that, for example, they cannot afford to launch a vast mobile commerce initiative and hope that it will work seamlessly with customers’ mobile devices and safely and efficiently into their POS systems. Disappointed customers rarely come back. Small and medium-sized businesses can open doors to many opportunities by bringing DevOps into their digital transformation. 

Increasing the efficiency, productivity and profitability of their business can only be achieved by small and medium-sized merchants if DevOps works and the provision of technological solutions that meet business needs is streamlined. And only the successful and timely introduction of DevOps in the company will help the company beat the competition and stay afloat in accelerating the development of the industry.

DevOps In Telecommunications

Next-generation cellular networks require a flexible system that enables new software services and patches to be continuously deployed without the services often being unavailable. Many telecommunications providers have recognized that DevOps is one approach to achieving continuous service delivery with minimal disruption.

5G is based on three main principles:

  1. Software-Defined Networking (SDN) in which the entire configuration is provided via virtualized software that is centrally controllable and easily adaptable,
  2. Network Functions Virtualization (NFV), which runs in place of specialized hardware and appliances with containerized apps deployed in Docker containers
  3. Virtual Network Functions (VNF) ensure that the required NFV can be started quickly, as it is a simple software deployment on off-the-shelf hardware.

DevOps Simplifies The Provision Of 5G Networks

Since there is no longer any need to invest in the manufacture, installation and configuration of vast networks of hardware appliances, completely new possibilities open up to quickly deploy and configure the necessary infrastructure. And this is where DevOps comes in. For example, VNF can be containerized and run in a Docker container on a Kubernetes cluster to improve interoperability and simplify multi-tenancy. This is because the hardware resources required to support such a system are significantly lower than classic networks

Each system function can also be divided into a microservice, which turns a labyrinth of dependencies into optimized workflows with messages between components via the APIs. The use of DevOps models in the development of telecommunications products is best illustrated by the exploding popularity of the web and mobile interfaces for accessing and managing all types of telecommunications networks and devices and the browser-based services that run on that infrastructure to explain. A DevOps approach in 5G networks brings advantages for the entire network operation and enables the automation of the provision and management of service chains and 5G network sections.

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