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Affiliations On Youtube: 5 Ways To Promote Affiliate Links

Can you make money with YouTube? Today, the Youtube platform is growing a lot, and with it, unfortunately also, the restrictions; the rules have changed. We must therefore learn to respect them. For those who intend to start a good business around affiliate marketing, it is advisable to follow some precautions. So how do you monetize with YouTube? To begin with, if we talk about  Youtube affiliations, it is all relatively simple,  you can also promote some links, but it is essential to take it easy, never exaggerate.

5 Tips To Affiliate YouTube, Which Equals To Make Money With YouTube

Learn To Create Perfect Descriptions

Anyone who has to do with the Youtube platform knows perfectly well that it is essential to make the correct reports. In a certain sense, they help summarize the published content, insert copyright details, insert links, and optimize everything with SEO functionality for YouTube. A video description is a suitable place to insert  Youtube affiliate links, but a simple copy and paste are not enough; we recommend using services that shorten links, such as Bitly, because this prevents them from being seen as spam. It is advisable to integrate the links within a  studied call to action to make a difference. In this way, the results obtained will be crazy.

The YouTube Cards 

Many use them precisely to redirect viewers to other platforms or related videos. They can also be used for affiliations, but it is not very simple. The biggest threat is that Youtube can see the links as spam. Therefore, you could not only risk the removal of the association, but even in some cases, the video itself could be removed, so it better not risk it if you do not have the privileges to do so.

YouTube Comments

The section dedicated to them is perfect for creating winning interactions and promoting affiliate links. You have to start being biased. You will not receive only and exclusively positive comments, and sometimes it could also happen to accept criticism or advice placed with total disrespect and good manners. The creators have free choice. 

They can easily add, delete or modify comments. Moreover, you can encourage followers to click on the links inserted. Still, it is advisable to create a transparent and straightforward process not to send everyone in the balloon. Alternatively, if someone should ask for more information, always remember to answer with kindness.

The Community

This card can be perfect for creating the proper interaction with your followers. Moreover, the creator can insert images, GIFs, or accurate updates. In short, the right place to establish a solid and lasting connection. It is advisable to study the situation well and try to insert affiliate links in the most natural way possible so it could bring excellent results over time. Keep in mind the importance of the community tab because today, Youtube has not yet inserted any particular limitations, which is why anyone wishing to develop their marketing plan can easily use this opportunity.

Link To Channels

Within the  Info tab, you can do everything, even add more than ten links, which is why many choose to insert direct links to social profiles and other links. It does not always bring benefits to insert too many links, so try to insert only those that are useful and related to your channel. To achieve more visibility, you can insert some trailers, which are very useful to intrigue users. Inside, you can insert affiliate links.

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