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5 Best Selling True Wireless Earbuds Under INR 2000

Music is an active part of our lives. It not only keeps us entertained but also induces a feeling of calmness. It can be motivational and it can also help us concentrate better.

And what is one of the most convenient and reliable ways of carrying your music everywhere with you?


They allow us to access our playlist at any point in time or at any place. You can carry them in your pockets and be assured. But as you know that there is a variety of earphones available in the market, we will today talk about one type that is constantly growing in popularity! We are talking about Bluetooth earbuds.

They sit in your ears and allow you to completely lose yourself in the wonderful realm of beautiful lyrics, notes and tunes. They are compact and easy to carry around.

Today, we have a wonderful range of Bluetooth earbuds from one of the most popular audio gadgets brands in the country: boAt!

boAt earbuds are known for their superior build and amazing sound quality. They are a perfect blend of technology and looks. All of the products listed below are worth every penny and do not compromise on quality at all.

Airdopes 141

You love music and you love to hear it in style! These boAt earbuds offer it all.

Equipped with 8mm drivers, these earbuds add finesse to your playlist and make sure that your music sounds the way it is supposed to sound. They pump out boAt signature sound that is known for its clarity. They also support ENxTM technology which means that not only do they sound good, but they also allow a seamless and interruption-free calling experience.

The Insta Wake n Pair technology and touch controls make your listening experience even better. You no longer have to wait for your device to connect and can manage your playlist easily with a mere touch.

These Bluetooth earbuds offer a playtime of up to 42H and also support ASAP fast charge technology. Just plug them in for 5 mins and enjoy up to 75 mins of uninterrupted & flawless music.

The earbuds are IOX4 sweat and water-resistant.

Airdopes 131

Perfect for the ones who do not compromise on quality or style, these earbuds come loaded with many interesting features. They are lightweight and you can use them comfortable all day long! You can put them in your jeans pocket and use them anywhere, any time!

The 13mm drivers pump out impressive and immersive sound that will leave you all amazed. All thanks to bluetooth 5.0 and insta wake n pair technology, you are guaranteed to not waste a single moment while connecting your device to your earphones.

They offer up to 12H of playtime. They come with a 650mAh Carry cum Charging case giving up to 4 times the charge.

Airdopes 121 v2

Classy and Compact – these true wireless earbuds are a perfect companion for all music lovers. The ultra-lightweight design makes them ideal to be easily carried around and used everywhere. The dual-tine finish of the earbuds gives them a premium finish. They come in three stylish colours: Active Black, Midnight Blue and Cherry Blossom to uplift the vibes like never before. The 8mmX2 drivers deliver amazing sound that keeps you wanting for more.

With these, you enjou 3.5H of playback with each charge and get an additional 10.5H playtime with the included charging case. One interesting thing about these earbuds is that the charging case comes with a battery indicator that keeps you informed about the status of the battery.

Airdopes 402

Perfect earbuds for the ones who hustle and stop at nothing. Ergonomically designed to suit your active lifestyle, these earbuds offer comfortable fit.

The 10mm drivers deliver phenomenal music. Equipped with bluetooth V5.2, they offer seamless and lag-free connectivity. These true wireless earbuds also support Insta Wake N Pair feature that means that you will not waste any time while connecting to the device of your choice.

They offer a playtime of up to 30H (with the case) ans also support ASAP charge technology. The pocket-friendly charging case makes it further easy to carry your earbuds around.

The earbuds are IPX4 water & sweat resistant that makes them a perfect companion for all your adventures.

Airdopes 115

Last but not the least, these wireless earbuds are loaded with many interesting features. If you are a gamer then you are definitely gonna love these, all thanks to the BEAST mode. The ENX technology suppresses the ambient sounds.

The 13mm drivers play immersive sounds that leave your heart full. They offer a playtime of up to 24H (with the case). They also support ASAP charge technology. The earbuds are IPX4 water resistant.

We hope that you enjoyed reading through the above list of best earbuds under 2000.

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