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4 Good Reasons To Migrate Company SAP To Google Cloud

The current vision of work, increasingly fragmented and spread across the territory, is leading companies to rethink their structure. Many realities have chosen to invest in the Cloud to encourage collaboration and sharing of business information. So I’m looking for a solution with advanced performance regarding reliability, network, and uptime. The migration of corporate SAP to the Cloud is part of this new approach and opens up scenarios where people cooperate and participate in corporate life easily and immediately.

The Infrastructure Becomes Light As A Cloud

By migrating SAP to the Cloud, companies can save money and abandon the rigidity of on-premise infrastructures to embrace an environment that offers flexibility, greater productivity, and specific functions for managing, organizing, and processing company data.

Google Cloud also makes the same migration that goes live easier and lighter, allowing information to remain accessible, even during the transition. Businesses can rely on SAP-specific automated templates that rapidly consolidate data to the Cloud, making the transition safe and efficient. Google Cloud offers layered security that protects your data, applications, and users with advanced threat detection and anti-malware capabilities.

Data-Driven Processes Start Here

Companies rely on inflexible and scalable tools to manage data captured both online and offline. The migration to the Google Cloud system represents a turning point towards a truly data-driven point of view that will allow companies to respond effectively and quickly to future business needs. The Cloud is a solution that favors data collection, management, and effective processing. 

Powered by the certified power of BigQuery, it enables companies to rapidly analyze large amounts of data from various sources to make more informed decisions. Detailed information on operation planning, customer needs, and business processes can now be tracked and cross-referenced to generate opportunities and responses. Migrating corporate SAP to Google Cloud is the ideal solution to quickly extrapolate valuable insights from historical data and contingent situations.

Beyond Business Continuity

The cloud environment promotes business continuity by allowing you to respond promptly to any unexpected events. A macro example is certainly the one represented by the pandemic. Companies that had migrated allowed remote workers to access the entire corporate system remotely in complete security. 

The benefits of migrating SAP to Google Cloud are also visible in everyday life: any infrastructure malfunction no longer affects the status of the data, which remains protected online. If today, for the management of SAP, the Cloud represents a haven in case of emergency, it will become a real differentiating factor in the long term. The flexibility of Google Cloud will favor a type of smart company ready to respond to changes thanks to a dynamic basic structure.

Accelerated Innovation Is Now A Reality

The database stored in the Cloud allows companies to maximize their value. Google Cloud eliminates the problem of separate data streams at the source and paves the way for implementing Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence technologies. Companies can test customized and automated ML models for various tasks, such as forecasting demand, maintenance needs, and market trends. 

A correct forecast of demand, for example, can lead the individual company to reduce production delays, improve the efficiency of the structures, and free people from low-value-added activities. By migrating enterprise SAP to Google Cloud, companies get the best of both worlds:

  1. Advanced data control
  2. A flexible and intelligent system
  3. Endless possibilities for analytics and automation based on ML and AI

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