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3 Ways To Use GPT-4 For Free

In the accessible version of ChatGPT, only GPT-3.5 is available as a language model. The free version is also not connected to the Internet, and the data is limited to September 2021. For Internet access and the latest GPT-4 language model, subscribe to the Plus version of OpenAI for $20 monthly. But there are still some ways to use GPT-4 for free, even with internet access. I will show you three of them in this article.

Why Is GPT-4 Often Not Free?

GPT-4 is OpenAI’s most potent language model. It requires a lot of computing power and is expensive to run compared to GPT-3.5 or its predecessor, GPT-3. And not only for OpenAI itself but also for third-party providers who have integrated GPT-4 into their apps via the OpenAI API, i.e., an interface. 

For comparison: According to our OpenAI API cost calculator, generating a 1,000-word blog article with GPT-3.5 costs just 0.67 cents. On the other hand, generating the same blog article with GPT-4 costs about 19 cents, which is about 29 times as expensive. With millions of words generated monthly, this can quickly become expensive for tool and app providers.


  1. Bing Chat is currently one of the best ChatGPT alternatives. And not without reason:
  2. Bing Chat’s language model is not only based on GPT-4 but also provides access to the Internet. 
  3. Not only can it include Bing search results in its answers, but you can also use the sidebar to ask questions about open web pages or documents. 
  4. The best part: It is entirely free to use. You must create a Microsoft account and download the Edge browser (or use the Bing app on your smartphone).
  5. It also offers generous usage limits. It allows 20 replies per chat and 200 total replies per day. With that, it offers a more flexible limit than ChatGPT Plus, which only allows 25 GPT-4 replies every 3 hours.


Perplexity is an AI search engine that is a great and free alternative to ChatGPT or Bing Chat. It is especially appropriate for directing serious web research on a theme. Like Bing chat or ChatGPT in pursuing mode, the wellsprings of the created answers are referred to as commentary numbers:

  1. Similar questions or topics appear below the answer; you can ask follow-up questions. You can also delve further into a topic by clicking the underlined links in the answer.
  2. I also think the new “Copilot” feature is brilliant. Like AutoGPT or BabyAGI, it outputs AI-generated answers and performs more complex workflows to answer a question or perform an action for you. If you, e.g., B. are planning a trip, it asks you intermediate questions to find the best possible itinerary for you.
  3. The copilot uses GPT-4 for response generation. If you create an account on Perplexity, you can use it for free five times every 4 hours.

Forefront Chat

Another way to use GPT-4 for free is Forefront Chat. Forefront Chat is a chatbot from Forefront.ai that allows you to use four different language models:

  1. GPT 3.5
  2. GPT-4
  3. Claude Instant
  4. Claude+

Different options are available for each model. For example, you can use it with different chat personalities (e.g., Software Engineer or Helpful Assistant) and optionally use it with or without internet access. If you create an account at Forefront.ai, you can use GPT-3.5 and Claude Instant for free without any restrictions.

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